I touched on last night’s meeting between President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un in my Bachelorette post earlier, but some things are worth diving into further… And this certainly qualifies.

First (and again I already talked about this), but the handshake… The handshake lasted for TWELVE seconds and it was so wild to me, I almost couldn’t handle it:

First off, you can see they exchanged words during the handshake, but, like… How?!

To my knowledge, Donny doesn’t know Korean. And I am skeptical on the flip-side that Kim Jong-Un somehow knows English. So what the flip did they say to each other?

shrugging girl meme.jpg

Whatever… Staring at someone for twelve whole seconds while shaking their hand and not laughing is bonkers. I can’t look at ANYONE for twelve seconds and not so much as crack a smile. It’s just awkward, so you laugh… HOW. DID. THEY. NOT. LAUGH?!

But ignoring that insanity, there was even more bananas stuff that went down in regards to this North Korea/US meeting of the minds…

CNN brought Dennis Rodman – former NBA legend, long time confidante of Kim Jong-Un AND former Celebrity Apprentice contestant – on to shed some light on this situation from his unique perspective… you know, as a friend of Kim Jong-Un’s but also an American.

Anyway, he came on wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, as well as a PotCoin.com* t-shirt:

dennis rodman make america great again potcoin.jpg

During the interview, Rodman gets emotional talking about how he received death threats after coming back to the United States and not being able to communicate with then-President Obama what Kim wanted… But he seemed excited that this time around things were looking up.

Absolutely bizarre… But then again, it’s Rodman. It’s always going to be bizarre.

However this whole thing turns out, it’s pretty nuts that a guy most would’ve assumed Donny was pretty likely to press the nuclear button on, actually sat down with our President in an effort to make headway towards peace (at least I imagine that’s what it was all about, right?).

Whatever, everything about this is insane. Donny just out there making headlines every which way… and maybe Making America Great Again along the way too (in this case… maybe).





* = PotCoin.com apparently is basically BitCoin, but for the marijuana industry since most banks don’t want to deal with it. And I guess they’re big celebrity “get” is Dennis Rodman. An interesting choice on their part, but considering I’m even writing a little blurb about them, apparently it’s paying off!! Shit, even I’m convinced maybe a little PotCoin in the old portfolio might make some sense. Hmm…