Last night Junior and I got really drunk and realized “shit we didn’t record the number one Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) yet!”  So being the incredibly dedicated people we are, we recorded it last night about 10 Twisted Teas deep.* Junior took the lead in the episode and I have to admit, he did a pretty good job facilitating.  I’m a big man and can say that.

Anyways, Junior and I break down the action from Monday’s episode with: The State of Becca, Date Grades, MVP/LVP of Group Dates, Cocktail Moves, Quotes, Top 3/Bottom 2, Bold Predictions.  This episode has been described as “raw” which is always a good thing.  Again, shoutout to Junior and I for burning the midnight oil to pump this bad boy out and be sure to subscribe on iTunes.

*I’m confident enough in myself to drink Twisted Teas without having to explain myself.  They’re delicious.