This week’s episode of Bachelor Night in America.

First off, a huge thank you to Nick who came on Bachelor Night in America and talked with us for a solid half hour about his track suit, food on the Bachelorette, the practice of law, what really happened to David, and much, much more.  Nick’s a genuinely great dude and we were pumped to have him on and look forward to possibly having him on the show again to break down the action on Bachelor in Paradise!

Secondly, we are WELL overdue for our first Power Rankings of the men.  Every season it sneaks up on us I feel like.  It’s like we’re still getting to know the guys and then all of the sudden we’re in the cockles of the season.  Just a reminder of how we do Power Rankings now, Junior and I each rank the guys 1-How many are left (in this case 9).  First place gets 9 points, second place gets 8 points and so-on.  It’s basically exactly like the USA Today or AP Polls during college football season.  So with that said, let’s get to this week’s Power Rankings:

1. Garrett (17 Pts, 1 1st Place Vote) – I don’t know what it is about this guy, but every time Becca talks to or about Garrett, she turns into a giddy school girl.  Since his 1:1 date, he’s been relatively under-the-radar, but has quietly been making Becca swoon.  From Junior: “Garrett has been a steady force all season.  From the first impression rose, to his very successful one on one date, it’s clear Becca really digs him.  She is always very giggly around him and friends(?), that’s #love”

2. Colton (16 Pts, 1 1st Place Vote) – Colton finally got his chance to really shine this week and boy did he deliver.  Caught on a rather awkward date riding camels, he got over the hump by smooth talking Becca and telling her how much he respects the word “love.” From Junior: “Just a perennial power hitter.  I said if she gave him the rose after the Tia bomb, she must really like this guy if she’s willing to look the other way on that.  Combine that with the fact that he is HOT and he’s sittin pretty (pun intended).”

 3. Blake (15 Pts) – This guy reminds me of Bryce Harper.  I feel like he’s the full package, a five-tool player, but then you look and all of the sudden he’s hitting .219 and only has a 0.6 WAR.  Basically what I’m saying is that this guy should be right there with Colton and Garrett, but to me, something is missing and he’s clearly the third guy out of the three (even though I had him ranked second).  I said this on the podcast and I will stick with it, saying he loved Becca on a group date is a bold, bold strategy and I don’t know how it will work out for him, especially when you juxtapose that with how close to the vest Colton holds his L word.  From Junior: “Ever since his intro on ‘After the Final Rose’ Blake has had a special plate in Becca’s heart.  I know Ketch will disagree, but I think him dropping the L-Word was very good for his standing.”

4. Wills (12 Pts) – I think pretty clearly he’s on a level of his own right now.  Not quite up there with the heavy hitters, but not quite with the bottom dwellers.  I almost look at him as a Draymond Green type.  What he’s done hasn’t really been flashy (other than his man romper), but he’s just working and getting the job done.  From Junior: “In any other season, Wills would easily be a top three player.  Just tough that he has to go up against this murderers row of dudes.  But he is no doubt the man: he’s smooth, he’s suave, he’s funny, and he put Chris on a poster.  What more could you ask for?  If a top three man has a meltdown, he’s in.”

5. (Tie) Jason (9 Pts) – Is he the smoothest? No.  Is he the best looking?  No.  Is he the most muscular?  No.  But I’ll tell you what, this guy knows how to absolutely grind.  He just finds a way to make it happen and it’s been an impressive run.  Sure he’s probably on the outside looking in at this point, but he definitely has a chance to make a move if he’s granted the opportunity to go on a 1:1.  From Junior: “What a run for you boy, Jason.  To be honest, I didn’t think we’d be sitting here at the Top 9 and talking about Jason but he plays a solid game.  He’s smooth with Becca, he cracks jokes, and he helps recap/narrate for the audience – the whole package.”

5. (Tie) Connor (9 Pts) – In 2009, the Chicago Bulls led the Sacramento Kings by 35 points with less than 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  The Kings just started chipping away and making stops on defense and eventually pulled out the W 102-98.  That’s exactly what Connor is doing right now.  He’s just chipping away after a rocky start.  Currently he’s in a similar situation as Jason.  If he gets a 1:1, it could catapult him up.  From Junior: “Connor has been climbing and clawing his way back in the picture ever since the Picture Throw Fiasco of 2018.  I thought he was #done after that but his self-awareness and ability to make fun of the incident I think has shown Becca that it was an isolated incident.  Not sure how far he’ll go.”

7. (Tie) Leo (5 Pts) – Leo just seems like a big Teddy Bear and as great of a guy as he is, you have to ask: Will Pastor Gary approve of Becca marrying a Polamalu look alike?  From Junior: “I’m bummed Leo is this low because he’s a personal favorite but in reality, he just hasn’t done much.  Hasn’t had a lot of 1:1 and we don’t see a lot of his individual time with Becca on group dates.  It’s very possible that this could be the last week we have Leo.”

7. (Tie) Lincoln (5 Pts) – Considering Becca presumably doesn’t know about the shitting on the floor at his work and drunkenly groping a woman on a cruise, he still technically has a change.  But his performance on the show has been lackluster at best and we really haven’t heard much from him since Connor threw his dumb picture into the China cabinet.  Not to mention the guy has been an absolute duck in every athletic situation despite being shredded.  Can you say “popcorn muscles”?  From Junior: “It’s probably a ‘can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube’ situation because we all know the scumbagginess of Lincoln with his shitting on the floor and groping women.  But I mean he hasn’t had a lot of quality time with Becca and I think after the picture incident, his stock dropped and just hasn’t recovered.”

9 Chris (2 Pts) – Remember when JR Smith forgot how much time was left on the clock in the NBA Finals?  This is very reminiscent.  We gave Chris a lot of shit for being so arrogant going into the cocktail hour on the group date, but truth be told, he probably was the odds on favorite to win that rose had he just, I don’t know, made any effort and talked to Becca.  But instead he just grabbed the rebound and dribbled around.  LebronFrom Junior: “The meltdown to end all meltdowns has caused Chris to PLUMMET to the bottom spot.  Honestly, I’m not ever sure why she kept him around after that.  He came off as entitled and Wills dunked all over him.  It’s going to be quite difficult to recover from that.”  

So there you have it.  Our first Power Rankings of the season!  Next week in Richmond, Virginia could get interesting!  Oh, and be sure to subscribe to Bachelor Night in America on iTunes!