As you know by now, LeBron James has signed with the Lakers (as broken by Water Cooler Sports), and many of us (especially our good friend Junior) were looking for some infamous jersey burning and LeBron hate from Cavs fans.  Instead, we got a lot of this:

Minus the dialogue between Stewie and Brian, that’s how I felt when I saw this tweet and many tweets like it.  Disgusting.  Have some pride for me one time, Cleveland.  He abandoned you again.  I get that this time was different in that he didn’t hold a special on ABC with that creep Jim Grey in a Boys and Girls Club, and it was generally known that he was going to leave Cleveland, but still!

In case you didn’t realize, he signed a four year deal with the Lakers.  Did he ever sign a four year deal with you, Cleveland?  No he did not. Two year deal player option, one year deal player option, meaning he didn’t fully trust you.  He wanted that option in there in case he wanted to get out.  Meanwhile, he’s going to LA for at least a three years (probably four).

This is terrible, just terrible.  I need the Dan Gilbert comic sans letter.  I need the gasoline doused jerseys being lit on fire in a crowded parking lot.  I need hatred.  This?  This “Thanks LeBron” bullshit?  That’s exactly what it is – BULLSHIT.  Get mad, Cleveland.

Sorry, Junior.  Until then, I guess this will have to do: