HUGE BREAKING NEWS coming out of LA – LeBron James has signed a 4 year $153.3 million deal with the fourth year being a player option.  Please credit “Water Cooler Sports.”

No, but seriously, who didn’t see this coming?  LeBron started in that shithole Cleveland, learned how to win in Miami, went back to that shithole and won one, and now wants to go that Cali sun.  It’s no secret that LeBron wants to be a public figure even when his playing days are over, which is fine, and who better to learn how to be a successful public figure from than a guy who owns a sports franchise and has HIV!

However, the question needs to be asked that if LeBron appears in more movies than championships during his time in LA, will his legacy be tarnished?  It has to, right?  He can’t be this all-time competitor if he foregoes a chance for championships in lieu of movie credits.  The Lakers team, as it’s constructed right now, is a mishmosh of odd role players (Javale McGee and Lance Stephenson), some young, promising talent, and LeBron James and none of those pieces can shoot from the outside which is what you absolutely need if you have LeBron on your team.  Sure it’s probably a matter of time before Kawhi is donning the purple and gold, and I’d have to think someone like Kyle Korver will find his way to Los Angeles relatively soon as well, but until then, this team isn’t a championship team.

And that’s what it really comes down to.  Did LeBron take an opportunity for international superstardom (in mediums he’s not in now) over the chance to win championships?  Personally, I never get pissed when guys chase rings.  You want to win championships?  Go put yourself in the best opportunity to do so.  But did LeBron do that?  That is the question.  I’m sure he has something lined up where they’ll bring in Kawhi this week and this blog will be be a moot point.  But if they do get Kawhi, there’s still only one Ball.  How will LeBron and Kawhi do when there’s three Balls?

Final thought – the biggest loser in this entire scenario is Luke Walton.  Drafted the same year as LeBron and he’s now the coach.  You think LeBron is going to listen to him?  First he had to deal with fucking LaVar Ball’s loud mouth, and now it’s LaVar and LeBron?  Jesus Christ, if I was him I’d resign.

Call me a quitter, but a man can only take so much.