You ever play a video game and you trade all the best players to your team?

I can remember doing this and having starting lineups of Kobe, Melo, LeBron, Durant and Brian Scalabrine (I mean, you always need at least one wild card), and just murdering it in franchise mode. Ripping through a season and blowing teams out EVERY GAME. Games weren’t close and after a whille, the winning got old. Not so much the winning, but winning LIKE THAT… Choosing to gather all the best guys to make it easier? Pussy stuff.

THAT is what is going on right now in the Bay area.

KD, and now Boogie, choosing the Warriors is like CHOOSING to make their franchise too good, and therefore their winning is WAY less meaningful… Sure you won, but you made it too easy on yourself. Winning that way is trash.

This season I’m sure there will be growing pains. I’m sure they won’t win 82 games. I’m sure a problem or two will arise and people will think “Oh man, we were so wrong… This is TOTALLY the Rockets’ year.

Guys, we aren’t wrong – don’t second guess yourselves… Ever. The Warriors will win the 2019 title – despite how hard I’ll root against them all year. It’s already been written.

And this is where I think the NBA actually will correct itself.

Since the 2019 NBA Finals champions are all but determined already, I think the rest of the league is going to see what the Warriors are doing and realize there is no honor is winning this way.

Great, you found a way to all team up and win titles… but without competition it’s boring. You guys are fags.

And then the league will reset to a league where FOR THE MOST PART players will stick with one franchise for longer periods of time. Build something meaningful.

I really hope this is one of those “Bobby has to smoke a whole carton of cigarettes” kind of lessons. You had your fun, you were kinda being annoying cheating when Durant joined your (already) great team and won… But now you went too far.

Smoke that entire fucking carton Golden State. Get sick with TOO MANY titles*… One day you’ll wake up and realize how empty they are.

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* = I legit wrote this sentence and thought to myself, “Fuck… what an awesome problem to have.