In this episode of Bachelor Night in America, Junior and I break down the action from another relatively exciting episode.  We jump in and analyze yet another meltdown from Chris as well as say goodbye to Lincoln and Connor.  Segments include: The State of Becca, Date Grades and MVP/LVP, ***New Segment Alert*** Opposing Views, Quotes, Top 3 Bottom 2, and Bold Predictions.  Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes!

And now for the Power Rankings.  Just as a reminder, number in parenthesis is their ranking from last week.

1. Colton – 12 pts, (2) – Big moves from Colton this week.  One could say he went head-to-head with Garrett on the group date and came out on the winning end as he walked away with the rose.  It’s certainly not over yet, but Colton has put himself in a great position to lock up a hometown date.  From Junior: Not much changed this week for Colton.  He’s still strongly on his game and knows just what the day at the right time.* In a tough group date, he gave great answers and ended up getting the rose – can’t as for much more. *Ketch Note: No idea what Junior was trying to say in that sentence.  I just copied it over from the text he sent me.

2. Garrett – 10 pts (1) – I don’t think you can necessarily call this a “bad” week from Garrett as he actually had a pretty solid performance in the group date.  I’d equate this to a week in college football where maybe a number one Alabama beats up on a bad Mississippi State team at home and then number 2 Georgia goes to Death Valley and wins by 10 and Georgia hops Bama in the rankings.  From Junior: Garrett is still sitting pretty at number 2.  He actually showed an emotion other than “goofy” and “giddy” when he blew up at Chris, which was nice to see.  He defended his lady’s honor and don’t think that goes unnoticed.

3. Blake – 8 pts (3) – This guy is soft and bland.  Maybe this is what Becca is looking for, but he’s done nothing for me the past few weeks and I think there is starting to be a big gap between him in the three spot and Garrett and Colton in the top two spots.  From Junior: I’ll admit, it was a pretty dull week for Blake but not to completely knock him out of the top 3.  She still like this dude a lot and we’ll certainly see him make a deep run.” 

TIE 4. Wills – 5 pts (4) – Becca’s reaction to Wills telling her he loved her was nothing close to Blake’s just a week prior.  On top of that, he tells her he loves her and gets the last rose scare?  I understand who he was going up against, but still, what does that tell you about the where Wills stands in her mind? From Junior: After his explosive performance last week, Wills was quiet this episode which is totally fine – never wanna be the guy that is the center of every episode.  He definitely has a strong connection with Becca that will carry him far. 

TIE 4. Jason – pts (5) – Did I get to see a lot of Jason’s date this week?  No.  Unfortunately there was a nasty thunderstorm and since I have DirecTV, we missed some of it.  But what I can tell you is that Becca seemed to be completely entranced by Jason based on the bits and pieces I saw.  Jason’s run has been absolutely outstanding the past few weeks.  Remember, it was just 3 weeks ago that Becca forgot his goddamn name, and now he’s knocking on Hometown’s door.  Who would have thought?  From Junior: I don’t know what to say.  I really like Jason but my goodness, I’m shocked he has made it this far.  I didn’t get to see much of his date this past week due to shitty weather and an even shittier choice in TV provider,* but he looks like he’s putting on the moves pretty heavy.  I just don’t know how much longer until this carriage turns back into a pumpkin.  *Ketch Note: I have no qualms about my TV provider and I understand that when it is absolutely pissing out, DirecTV may not work the best.  I’m an adult and understand that.  Also, you’re welcome for your Chipotle Monday night, Junior.

6. Leo – 2 pts (2) – A lot of the experts did not think Leo had a very strong chance to make it out of that 1:1 date alive, and I’ll admit, I was one of them.  Being the gentleman he is, he listened to Becca and, in an incredibly savvy move, told Becca he’s never felt good enough for his dad.  While I do think there’s some mutual feelings here, I just think he’s a bit too far behind the other guys and time is running thin.  From Junior: Honestly I think Leo’s performance on the date really bought him another week.  She went into that date probably looking to send him home because they didn’t have a connection.  But he charmed the pants off her and it paid off.  I just don’t know if it was enough…”

Well there you have it.  Week 2 of our Power Rankings along with Junior take pot shots and my TV provider.  Looks like we’ll be widdling it down to the Final Four this week.  Should be good!