THANK GOD. Finally a little football talk after FOUR STRAIGHT BASEBALL POSTS out of Water Cooler Sports.

And not only that, but this is a football post involves a little coach/quarterback drama and a babe… NOTHING BETTER!!

So let’s get right to it… Evidently in a recent group chat, Jared Goff was quoted as saying, “I would pipe Sean’s girlfriend.

Jared Goff Group Text leaked about Sean McVays girlfriend.jpg

First, fuck that teammate who leaked this. Horrible teammate. Some things should be said in the locker-room behind coach’s back that he never needs to know about. This is one of those things.

Second, should McVay even be mad here? It’s sort of a compliment. Like, if Riggins told Coach Taylor that Tami was a babe (she was), would Coach Taylor even care? He’d probably just be like, “Damn right Riggins… You may wanna lay that pipe but I actually DO… Oh, and I HAVE… Look, I have this sex trophy to prove it! (shows his daughter)

Third, Jared Goff is absolutely right… I mean, look at this chick:

Sean McVay girlfriend veronika khomyn jared goff group chat leaked babeSean McVay girlfriend veronika khomyn jared goff group chat leakedSean McVay girlfriend veronika khomyn jared goffSean McVay girlfriend veronika khomyn

I mean, Jared Goff is straight up telling the truth. That girl can GET IT… My word!

Really there’s nothing more to say. Might as well take this post and that mini tube of Jergen’s you got in that office drawer and split to the bathroom for a quick “break“… I mean, shit, Jared Goff wouldn’t blame you!!