Wow, what a game!  Ten, count em TEN home runs!  Now don’t get me wrong, I long for the days of actually producing runs.  You know, grinding out a walk, stealing second, bunting them over to third and then hitting sac fly to bring them in.  That’s the baseball I want to see.  These new-fangled “home runs” are ruining the game, if you ask me!

Kidding of course.  Chicks dig the long balls.

Anyways, one thing that’s obviously awesome about the All-Star game is the matchups.  Look at these home runs:

  • Judge off Scherzer
  • Trout off deGrom
  • Contreras off Snell
  • Segura off Hader
  • Story off Morton
  • Yelich off Morton
  • Gennett off Diaz
  • Bregman off Stripling
  • Springer off Stripling
  • Votto off Happ

Okay that last one was kind of “eh” but still.  That’s basically what you want to see in an All Star Game; a back and forth game with pitchers shoving (25 total strikeouts) and guys hitting bombs (10 homers).  Here’s a few of my favorite highlights:

Sale vs Goldschmidt 

Chris Sale faced Paul Goldschmidt in the bottom of the first.  Goldy has been one of the hottest hitters in the league over the last month and Sale threw him a slider that made him look stupid.  Since MLB is dumb and hasn’t put that at-bat on YouTube yet, here’s a video of every strike three from Sale’s 2017 season (NSFW):

Trout vs deGrom

Jacob deGrom has arguably been the best pitcher in baseball and Mike Trout is the best player in baseball.  If the game isn’t being played in DC, I think it’s fair to say deGrom probably would have been the NL starter.  Just an electric match-up.

Very underrated part is that they were talking to Bryce Harper during Trout’s at-bat.  I don’t mind Harper, but I will say I think it’s kind of funny that these two (Trout and Harper) came up the same year and Harper had ALL the pub in the world.  Meanwhile Harper is hitting .217 and Trout has been a perennial MVP.

It’s alright though for deGrom.  He’s had some success in the All Star Game in the past:

Scooter Gennett’s Homer

First of all, I kind of hate Edwin Diaz.  He would drive me absolutely INSANE if he was on my team.  Maybe he was just jacked up because it was the All Star Game, but that guy wasn’t even fucking CLOSE to the zone.  And when he was close, it was a dick high fastball.  Enter Scooter Gennett.  A guy that has been one of the best hitters in baseball over the last year.  A guy that was waived by the Brewers in 2017.

Josh Hader

If you recall my baseball preview blog back in March, I said Josh Hader would be the next great reliever and so far this year, he was proving me right.  Last night, however, he just couldn’t get it together.  In my opinion, he didn’t throw his slider enough and didn’t get help from his friends as Votto dropped a tough, albeit catchable ball.  He’s still electric and will be fine.

But after all this, for some reason, somebody decided to delve deep into his Twitter and pull up some tweets that Hader sent out back in 2011.  Suffice to say, some of these tweets were not the best look as they included some racial slurs, and homophobic ideas.  Well fortunately for him, we live in a very understanding time where people never overreact.  Oh wait that’s right, we don’t live in that time.

Hader got absolutely CRUSHED online.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say his tweets weren’t bad.  They were.  As a 16-17 year old white kid, you probably shouldn’t be tweeting the n-word.  What we have here though is, in my opinion similar to the Josh Allen situation.  A lot of those n-words were lyrics from songs.  Not that it makes it okay, but you’d be an idiot to say quoting a song is the same as straight up calling someone that word.  They ones about gay people?  I got nothing.  That’s pretty inexcusable.

But, I will say this; if you are going to judge a guy based on tweets he sent out as a dumbass 16 year old and not even entertain the fact that he was indeed, a dumbass 16 year old kid and hasn’t changed at all, you’re an ignorant ass.  Josh Hader is not “what’s wrong with society.”  Josh Hader is not a “bigot.”  He was an idiot kid who tweeted out some stupid shit without thinking of repercussions.  If you didn’t do something stupid at 16, you’re lying.  I hope the people who dug these tweets up on what was probably the best night of his life are happy with themselves.  I hope they’re happy they made his family turn their jerseys with their son’s name on it inside out.  And most of all, for the people who decided last night was the right time to publicize his tweets from SEVEN YEARS AGO, for their sake I hope their twitter history is clean as a fucking whistle.

Alright sorry.  Got a little off track there.  I just can’t stand that people cannot sit there and think “the world has changed a lot over the last 7 years so it’s pretty fair to say that those things he tweeted as a 17 year old aren’t the same things he believes today.

Regardless, it was a great and exciting game!  Here’s to looking forward to the second half!