Ahh football in July. Where everyone’s team is undefeated and everyone’s hearts are full of hope… Orrrrrrrrrrr so I thought.

Enter THE Buffalo Bills!!

On the FIRST play (according to the below tweet) of training camp, Nathan Peterman – mostly famously known for throwing FIVE interceptions in the first HALF of a game – almost threw what would’ve been a pick six in a real game:

Now, I’d imagine in training camp stuff like that gets taken with a grain of salt. Actually scratch that… With a POUND of freaking salt – enough sodium for a calendar year!! But when you’re the Bills, you can’t just ignore that. You can’t just forget the 5-interception massacre that was Nathan Peterman’s first game last year.

What a joke.

Bills Mafia better hope AJ McCarron or Josh Allen pan out, because an entire year of Nathan Peterman could lead to people not just jumping through flaming tables, but making sure that they jump from high enough that it’ll be their last jump ever.

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Tough Start for #BillsMafia,