Looking for that first job (or even changing companies) is an enormous pain in the ass. If you don’t have a “connection” to get you in somewhere, getting hired is fucking exhausting.

No joke, before I got the job I am at right now (as I blog for WCS instead of doing work they pay me to do – LOL), I had to fire out damn near 300 resumes.

Now, you could say that was because my 2.79 GPA wasn’t blowing anyone’s panties off, or maybe the fact that I went to a small school most famous for beating Syracuse one time in an exhibition basketball game… But regardless, I figured I just needed to get an interview and then I’d charm my way into a paycheck!

Unfortunately in the real world, it’s WAY harder than that.

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In my case, luckily the law of large numbers won out (again, 300 fucking resumes) and one company took a chance on me. But for too many people out there, sending 300 resumes might be too much.


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Natty Light wants to help get your resume “out there.


Well, their current promotion is that you email them your resume (send it to: NattyRaceResume@anheuser-busch.com) between now and August 6th, and they’ll decorate their #37 car with it. Your skills, your resume, your headshot, EVEN YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

That my friends is called exposure.

The rules are pretty simple:

I’m not going to sit here and say, “Oh fuck yeah, that’ll get you your dream job FOR SURE!” But this seems like the sort of dumb thing that could actually work.

Picture some rich NASCAR fan watching the race saying, “Y’all I like the sound of that there feller with the resume on the 37 car!! Let’s give him a call.

Next thing you know you’re working for an oil tycoon making more money than you know what to do with, just drowning in poon.

I don’t know, I know this is wild, outside the box marketing from Natty Light but I absolutely love it. The beer that helped us get through college isn’t leaving us… It’s continuing to serve its people. Gotta love that. Kings stay kings.



Natty Light GETS It,