“LOL Jews Be Trippin!” -@Mahat_Gan_69

“Bro @LaxiGandhi_22 you’re such a retard! LOL!” –@Mahat_Gan_69

“‘Almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt!'” -@Mahat_Gan_69

“Y’all can suck my fat cock! #YOLO” -@Mahat_Gan_69

And those are just the ones I can repeat.  This is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.  How can Mahatama Gandhi think this was a good idea to tweet out?  How can he slander the fine Jews?  How can he call @LaxiGandhi_22 an “R” word?  And what’s this vulgar, grotesque thing about drowning in a vagina that he had to, um, swim, to her buttocks?  Disgusting.

Well if he said these things as a sixteen year old teenager, we absolutely must discredit everything he ever did.  Who cares that Twitter was still brand new in 1885 and nobody really understood the significance or impact social media would have on society at the time?  Honestly, it’s just disturbing that someone would say such things.

Considering I’ve never once had an inappropriate thought nor have I ever tweeted or said one thing that could be considered problematic, I think I am the perfect person to completely blow up Gandhi’s spot.  I’m going to encourage everyone to refute Gandhi’s lessons about peaceful protest and equal rights.  Fuck that.  After seeing these tweets from Gandhi’s sixteen year old self I am out on everything he stands for and you should be too.