Bravo! I tip my cap to the Atlanta Falcons for sticking it to the man this season.  No more fucking $18 Bud Lights at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.  $5 for a craft beer.  I don’t even care about the “craft beer” part of it.  They could very well sell Keystone Ice for $5 and I’d have the same reaction.  Now yes, it’s a 12 oz beer, but for 16 oz, it’s only $7 which is very reasonable for a football game.

For years, prices have gone up up up at sporting events to the point where you’d have to take out a second mortgage on your house just to take your family of four to a ballgame.  Tickets are outrageously expensive, even for the nosebleeds these days and if you’re looking to get a dog and a beer?  FUHGET ABOUT IT!

Everyone has been complaining.  Everyone has been bitching about all sporting event prices for years.  But now, the Atlanta Falcons just gave us, the common man, the little guys out there a small victory.  If you go to Mercedes-Benz Stadium on a Sunday, enjoy four, maybe even five beers for less than $30!  Honestly, NAWT BAD.

As a guy who just relocated and just took a gander at his bank and credit card accounts and had a mini-stroke, it does my heart good to see the Falcons doing something right.  Hopefully other teams, across all sports, will follow suit down the road.