Do you have too much money and have absolutely no idea how to spend it all?!

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Well if so, does Mike Francesa have an app for you!!

The NY sports radio host on the WFAN network, has an app – cleverly named ‘Mike’s On’ – that basically he can, get this, VIDEO HIMSELF DOING HIS AM RADIO STATION LIVE!!

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I know…

But here’s the thing, that’s just where starts. It ALSO (eventually) will be an app that he can record himself LIVE, not during his regularly scheduled show!!

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I mean, can you even imagine that!?

One of the most important parts of this, I feel, and the thing that will be a difference-maker, is the ability to have immediacy. It could be 2 in the morning. [Aroldis] Chapman blows the game, I put out an alert that ‘Mike’s on in one minute’ and boom . . . That level of immediacy is something attractive and unique.

Literally not unique at all. Instagram has that function. Twitter has that function. Facebook has that function. Even TV has “breaking news.

I don’t know what Francesa is trying to do here, but $8.99/month (or the HELL of a bargain at $98.99/year*) seems like a tad much to pay for something that literally the rest of the world gives out for free.

Full disclosure, any app this guy put forth I probably was going to shit on (as a Michael Kay Show fan) but this is insane. Even for fans of his show, this HAS to be seen as bananaland.

Francesa, you’re a clown. Michael Kay is the GOAT in New York and he’d NEVER do this to his fans.



TMKS or Bust,



* = almost a NINE dollar discount!!