I noticed over the past week or so that a couple of big name WNBA players, Skylar Diggins & Brittney Griner, have spoken out recently against the wage gap between the NBA and WNBA and, as someone who knows a thing or two here about finances, I felt like I need to say something…

And as I am a complete gentleman, I’ll let the ladies go first and show what they said:

Brittney Griner, while I know you can kick the absolute shit out of me, I want to let you know CALMLY this has nothing to do with respect or lack of respect. The reason there is a wage gap between the NBA & the WNBA? Because there is an undisputed difference in the product.

Taylor, that’s sexist! You can’t say that you misogynistic asshole!!

Okay, let’s say I didn’t say that. Let’s say I showed you the numbers first…

(And FYI, this is from Forbes, so I’m going to assume it’s all legit.)

In 2016-17, the NBA earned over $7 BILLION in revenue. The WNBA? Well, between ticket revenue and TV deals, more like $52 MILLION (yup, with an M). So if each team had an equal share of its league revenue, each NBA team would have $233 million, while each WNBA team would have $4.3 million.

The reason that NBA teams are able to give players like Tyler Johnson a ridiculous contract, is because the product simply SELLS. When you average 10,000 MORE fans in attendance per game AND you have gargantuan TV deals, you get to spend money like crazy.

But it’s not fair that people don’t watch the WNBA, they SHOULD!!

Well, unfortunately you can’t make people watch a shitty TV show just because another one does better and that’d be the FAIR thing to do.

I, and probably most of America, won’t watch a WNBA game filled with less athletics players – straight up! Shit, I don’t like to watch Euro-league games for the same reason!!

The product is superior, plain and simple.

The only way the WNBA starts paying their players equally is if the NBPA starts sharing its own revenue with its female counterparts, and I don’t see that happening. That’d completely halt their own meteoric rise in salaries (in fact it’d probably decrease them).

I see that it’s unfair, both men and women that play pro ball put in a TON of work, but there are plenty more shitty unfair things out there in the working world.

Soldiers and cops and firemen don’t make the money that Wall Street guys do… That’s not even close to fair, but that’s life.

You want a communist system where everything’s fair and everyone gets paid the same? Try China or Cuba – I’m sure you’ll love it.

This was not meant to be a war on women, or anything like it… Just simply pointing out the FACT that if a company has a product that doesn’t sell well, the workers that produce that product can’t get paid as much as a company whose product does sell well.



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