Did Water Cooler Sports need a rival to Stanford Steve?

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Regardless, we went and got ourselves ‘Bucknell Ben‘ to give you the college football bets to make us all some extra ched this fall!!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, I guess saying we “got ourselves Bucknell Ben” would be a bit of a lie… Really, we just re-branded Boz as Bucknell Ben. Regardless, Stanford Steve better watch his back!)

Let’s give the first week of college football lines a shot – three games a week and we’ll  make this a routine. Let’s get to it!

Hawaii (+14) over Navy — The run n’ shoot is back in Hawaii, the most anticipated sequel since Incredibles 2, and we get to see it Saturday in Honolulu. They don’t need Butch Jones or Colt Brennan to make it work this time. The “Rainbow” Warriors are putting up 35+ every week, easy. The flying Hawaiians are already 1-0 with a preseason win in Fort Collins over Colorado State. The Midshipmen have no chance of scoring 50 and covering the fourteen points that they are laying to the Warriors after flying 20 hours through however many time zones to the hurricane ravaged Big Island. This is the PLATINUM lock of the week and probably not the first time that we will be seeing the statehood version of Samoans this year.

hawaii college football opening weekend

Michigan St. (-23.5) over Utah St. — The Spartans are a Big Ten championship contender as they return most of their starters from a surprising 2017 campaign. Mark Dantonio leads Cornerback U into 2018 with their usual smash mouth style built on a strong running game and stout defense. Utah State, on the other hand, has lost their last non-conference games to Wisconsin by 49 and the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest by 36. The 23.5-point line seems that Vegas may be a little afraid to place high lines during the first week of the season. The Spartans should be as heavy favorites in this match-up as Gerard Butler versus Steve Buschemi in a Mr. Olympia competition.

Penn State (-23.5) over Appalachian State — The Nittany Lions are in the same boat as the aforementioned Spartans as National Title Contenders and they know running up the score earns bonus points with the playoff committee. Last year, their lowest total score in the final 7 games was 38 points and three times they achieved a margin of victory over 30 points against Big Ten opponents. Saquon is gone, but the best O-Line in the country can open up holes that an obese, Wendy’s-loving, Busch-drinking fullback from Bloomsbury University could run through. This is yet another case that a robust and experienced Midwest team will easily overpower their lesser opponent.

Boston College (-18.5) over UMASS — I may regret not picking this one as I will probably returning to BC a few times this year as I see them as being a surprise team this year.
Rutgers (-16.5) over Texas State — Betting on Rutgers Football as a favorite would be like choosing the Cleveland Browns money line (1 out of their last 32 took home money on that bet), but damn is Texas State really bad. You shouldn’t be allowed to call yourself a Big Ten team if you can’t beat the worst Sun Belt team by at least 20 at home.