Hello beautiful people. I know its been a while and I know I left you all abruptly. I shutter when I think about my readers logging in on Friday, May 18th expecting to find the answers to all of their internet questions and instead finding blank stares. And for that, I am truly, truly sorry.

So what happened? Plain and simple, I got a new job. That’s all. The big difference is its a job where I actually have to do work all day (which SUCKS) and I sit out in the open with two huge monitors so it’s not like I can sneak on at work and write to my heart’s content. At my old job, I literally would sit around all day bored out of my skull so I had plenty of time to research the needs of the internet and answer them to the best of my ability. Now I have a job where I usually forget to drink my coffee because I’m running around all day like a maniac.

So why did I get a new job? Well, I was poor as shit working for a startup for barely any money so I figured after a year, it was time to grow up and get a real job. It’s been three months and I’m starting to get my feet under me time-wise so hopefully I’ll be able to commit more to the blog. But in the meantime, you can always catch me on the number one Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) with Ketch.

The other option isĀ  to Tell All Your Friends (sweet Taking Back Sunday reference, I know) about Water Cooler Sports so that we can make it big and I can just do this for a living. Ball is in your court, readers.