IT IS HERE! I REPEAT IT IS HERE! The day that I look forward to more than Christmas every single year is upon us! It’s officially the first Saturday of the College Football season, and you can bet your ass I woke up this morning, cracked a beer, and turned on the TV to see Grandpa Corso’s smiling face.

There is nothing I love more than this time of the year, and nothing I love more than the passion and pageantry of the greatest fans of the greatest sport in the world. Now, I’m obviously ecstatic for my Dawgs to come into this year and make some noise, but this weekend is about a lot more than just them, because there are some GREAT opening weekend games on the line. So, that being said, let’s take a look!


Washington vs. Auburn – 3:30 in Atlanta on ABC

LINE: Auburn -2 — O/U: 49

This is by far the most interesting and sought after game of the opening weekend, and not just because it is pitting the number 6 team against the number 9 team (ha 69, nice), but because these are two powerhouse teams with a hell of a shot at the Playoff. What’s also very intriguing to me is the fact that Auburn has the chance to do something no team has ever done… lose three straight games in the same neutral stadium, the Benz in Atlanta. And you know what? IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

Listen, I’m not putting down Jarrett Stidham and Auburn at all. They are a phenomenal team, and you can bet your ass that I’m nervous for them to tee it up Between the Hedges later this year, but I think this Washington Defense will be the truth. Something that will help this point is that Auburn loses a lot from their offensive line (4 starters), which only helps this stud Washington D-Line to get to Stidham and the Auburn running game fast.

Furthermore, if you read my season preview blog, you realize that I’m very big on Myles Gaskin and the Heisman-to-be Jake Browning. I fully expect Gaskin to break a couple big runs, and Browning to get his great throws in against this Auburn defense. While it will be close, I think Washington takes this one home.



Austin Peay at Georgia 3:30 on ESPN

LINE: -45.5 Georgia — O/U: 58

Georgia is going to win this game handily, so the real question is when Justin Fields comes in, and that all depends how long it takes Jake Fromm and co. to run up the score on these sorry sons of guns from Austin Peay (I say by halftime the first team gets to sit). Even though it will be all out domination from the first whistle, I see Kirby just trying to run the ball a bunch and get home without anybody getting hurt. Because of this, I don’t see the Dawgs covering, and I’m fine with it. Dawgs on top, but not by 46…. That over looking nice though!



Michigan at Notre Dame in South Bend, IN at 7:30 on NBC

LINE: -1 – Notre Dame — O/U: 46.5

Our buddy Tayls would ring my neck if this game wasn’t included. As someone who has experienced all that South Bend has to offer, I can tell you that I am a big fan of the Irish fans, and the atmosphere that they produce on gameday. It is zany, and downright crazy. I mean they actually lift other students over their head once they score a touchdown, and they will be in full gear for this classic match-up, which will renew a long-standing rivalry full of hate.

That said, I don’t trust either of these coaches. Kelly is hanging on to his job by the skin of the teeth and can’t win big games when they matter, but what about Harbaugh? The guy has consistently lost every big game he coaches in. This year, he got a gem of a recruit in Shea Patterson to fall into his lap, a quarterback who I raved about while at Ole Miss, and one I think is extremely talented, but we have no idea how he’ll perform in a more pro-style offense considering he has ran the spread since f’ing high school.

The mystery of this game, on the Michigan side, makes me think they will need to make some serious adjustments, and I’m not sure Harbaugh can do it. Mix this with the home-field advantage, and you have me taking the Irish.



Alabama vs. Louisville in Orlando at 8:00 on ABC

LINE: -24.5 — O/U: 62

Alabama and Nick Saban always cover. His career record Against The Spread in week 1 is something that is unfathomable. He has only failed to cover the spread ONCE in week ones in his career at Bama. Mix this with the fact that Lamar Jackson ain’t walking through that door for Louisville and you have me hammering that line for Bama. Short and sweet, but there’s not too much thought needed for this one.



SUNDAY: Miami vs. LSU at AT&T Stadium at 7:30 pm on ABC

LINE: Miami -3.5 — O/U: 46.5

I’m a biiiig Miami guy courtesy of Will Smith, but an even bigger Mark Richt guy. The problem? I don’t trust any hyped up Mark Richt team. The bigger problem for LSU fans? I don’t trust Coach O just as much (even though I really love him).

I believe both of these teams are extremely talented, and both will have really good years. I think Miami will go into an ACC championship game and lose to Clemson, and I think LSU will finish third in the West. This won’t be ideal for either fan base, but it could be a lot worse!

Now that we have all of this behind us, let’s focus on this game. LSU lost A LOT of production on offense, which bodes very well for a Miami defense that was notorious for causing turnovers last year (cue the turnover chain y’all). I think the losses on offense and the hyped up Miami defense will lead to some serious headaches for LSU and first-year transfer Joe Burrows. Because of this I see Miami taking this one and covering.



MONDAY: Virginia Tech at Florida State at 8:00 on ESPN

LINE: VA Tech -7 — O/U: 55

Monday night football takes a primetime matchup to Tallahassee where Florida State will look to respond after a horrendous year. While FSU has two of the top talents in the country in their backfield, with Cam Akers and Deandre Francois, they will have a lot to prove, and they will still have a very weak offensive line.

The key for Coach Willie Taggart will be to ensure that Akers can get some lanes to run in and if Francois will get more than 0.8 seconds to get rid of the ball before being clobbered. Honestly, I don’t see it happening and I see the Taggart era opening with a loss at home. Sorry, Noles, I’m taking the Hokies -7!




There you have it folks, look forward to sticking with you all year and look forward to some great bets being laid down on everyone’s behalf. As always, best of luck to your teams and your wallets, and Go Dawgs!