Best Pick: Ohio St. (-35)

I am 0-2 already on the season when betting the Big Ten and last week had Rutgers covering as one of my honorable mentions in their shearing of the Texas State Bobcats by 28 points at home. So what gives, why would I take another Big Ten team attempting to cover a large spread and pick against the 1-0 Scarlett Knights. Ohio State already proved in week 1 that they have no moral qualms with running up the score as they smacked down the Beavers with 77 points. Led by Dwayne Haskins Jr. and Mike Weber, the Buckeyes look to beat teams with an air assault not typical of Urban Meyer teams. I like the Buckeyes to cover and predict a final score of 59 – 14.

#2: Boise St. (-31.5)

This pick may be as much anti-UCONN as pro-Boise State. It seems like the American Athletic Conference has devolved into a group of haves and have-nots. The Huskies are most certainly on the side of the have-nots. They do not have the fertile recruiting ground of UCF, USF, or Cincinnati and also suffer as football is the third biggest sport on campus behind both Men and Women’s basketball. In Week 1, the Golden Knights embarrassed the Huskies at home with a 56-17 romp and this week the game gets more difficult. As the Broncos will host UCONN on their blue field and look to run-up the score to challenge USF for the final at-large Big 6 Bowl Game. Final Score: Boise State 54-10

#3: Hawai’i (-17.5)

I said that I would be riding the Rainbow Warriors a lot this year and I am back again. The game barely starts on Saturday on the East Coast with an 11:59 EST start time. I was a little worried about the defense keeping the Rice Owls below 30 points, but then I saw that the would be donning brand new all black Under Armour Uni’s and their intensity will be turned up to an 11. While like every time a team visits Honololu, they will be half asleep and confused what day it is after nearly a day of travelling to make it to game day. The Warriors will spear the owls with a final score of 54 – 27.

Honorable Mention: Clemson (-11.5)

Should probably take Clemson every time they are less than 20 point favorites, but I will wait for Dabo to name any every week starter before fully trusting them against the 12th Man. Prediction: Clemson 34 – 17.