Welcome back y’all, to another week of great college football matchups. We return from a Week One where we learned that:

  • My early lines weren’t hitting well,
  • Michigan’s offense isn’t as great as we thought it would be (sorry Shea),
  • Notre Dame fans will always overreact to a Week One game,
  • The FCS/Cupcake controversy will be brought up early and often,
  • This is yet again the year of the over in the Big 12 (isn’t it always the year of the over for the Big 12?), AND
  • The SEC is back……

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.46.10 PM.png



All that aside, your boy still made out well last week, especially after a key parlay hit, courtesy of some early overs:




BUT we have got to put Week One behind us and look forward, no matter how great of a win it was for our teams, or how much we may want to relish in that moment. And luckily for us, there are some more amazing match-ups to help us to move on with our excitement. So, without further ado, let’s get at these lines.

3 UGA at 24 South Carolina at 3:30 on CBS:

  • LINE: UGA -10.0     O/U: 56

Now, the COCKS have never made it easy for Georgia, especially when they are playing in Columbia. There is something weird about the atmosphere of that hell-hole that just never mixes well with the Dawgs. If you’ve ever visited, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a heinous mix of Sandstorm being played at God awful levels of volume combined with an aroma of freshmen regret and Burnett’s vodka that you know still lingers from the night before. To put it simply, it is a horrendous combination of South Carolina filth, and I would never send my worst enemies children there… WITH ALL DUE RESPECT OF COURSE.

All the hatred in the world aside, I really do think this Gamecocks team will have a HELL of a season, especially if Deebo Samuel can stay healthy. The kid is a certified stud, and he has done incredible things in the time he has been able to stay on the field at USCjr (even though he has never played a full season). Because of these beliefs, I had thought this had been shaping up to be a great matchup and a very tight game, THEN I saw this clip from Ole Deebo:

Oh, you don’t know the All-SEC Cornerback from your rival school?! You haven’t been combing over film about him and worried that he’s going to be all over that ass worse than you with women at a freshmen bar?! C’mob Deebo, we all know the truth, and you provoking Georgia with bulletin board material may have been the biggest mistake you’ve ever made. Dawgs by a million, and Deebo in tears by halftime. GATA AND GO DAWGS.




18 Mississippi State at Kansas State at 12:00 on ESPN

  • LINE: MSST -7.0        O/U: 53.5

Joe Moorehead and company making an appearance in the other Manhattan (in the house that Snyder built to be exact), has me all kinds of excited. Is it excitement because this is being touted as a great game where we will see two good teams going head to head? Hell no, this is excitement because we’re about to watch the SEC wax dat ass all over Bill Snyder Field. Sorry, it’s just the truth.

Now listen, I’m all for Coach Snyder, and he’s had a ton of success as a coach, but he better call up Urban Meyer for advice, because this Bulldog offense may give him a heart attack. Most of the experts are saying that the staunch defense from Kansas State will be something that will give meaning to the name Nick FITS-gerald, and I agree there may be some regression under the new system, but I don’t think it’ll come into full focus this early in the season. I fully see Nick Fitzgerald running and gunning all over Manhattan and just running up the SEC’s record in the out of conference schedule, which should be perfect, but Tennessee sucks.




2 Clemson at Texas A&M at 7:00 on ESPN:

  • LINE: CLEM -12.0          O/U: 51.5

Poor ole Jimbo, runs all the way to the SEC West and still has to play against Dabo and the Tigers. There are certain people who think this game will be a juggernaut matchup, and those same people may tell you that Jimbo really knows how to beat Dabo, but those are the same people who forgot that Dabo really knows how to win on the road, and that he’s actually very good against the SEC West (shoutout Auburn).

How do I know Dabo will have his team ready to go and hyped up to play/dominate a Texas team from the West-side of the SEC? How about the fact that he pumps in artificial crowd noises into the practice stadium to the point that it is unbearable for his own team? Yeah, that would do for me. Also, have y’all seen what each of the quarterbacks can do for Clemson? No matter who they have in the guy can drop DIMES.

This is all not mentioning the fact that Jimbo is coaching with Sumlin’s players. Now don’t get me wrong, Sumlin was no slouch on the recruiting trail, but these players are no where near the caliber that Jimbo had while coaching at FSU… where he still lost to Dabo. I think preparation and pure talent make the difference, and see Clemson skating out of College Station with an easy W.

FINAL BET: Clemson -12



17 USC at 10 Stanford at 8:30 on FOX:

  • LINE: STAN -6.0          O/U: 55.5


USC comes into Northern California after their leader and freshman quarterback played an all around solid game in a trouncing of UNLV. Stanford also had success, as they beat the heck out of San Diego State last week, but their star and Heisman hopeful, Bryce Love, had a miserable outing and had to be saved by an incredible performance by their quarterback K.J. Costello.

This success by quarterbacks on either side means that we should see an all-out air raid attack by both teams in which the over is hit in the first quarter and we don’t look back right?! Not so fast my friends. I fully expect this game to feature each team resorting to the running game. Why do you ask? Well a few reasons, actually.

First, on Stanford’s end, I do not expect Mr. Love to be held down any more like he was last week. He will fully take out his frustrations on this poor USC defense. Additionally, I don’t see USC letting JJ Arcega-Whiteside go off as he did against San Diego State, and his 226 yards with 3 touchdowns are really what accounted for Costello’s full success. The combination of a bounce back week by Bryce Love and USC’s secondary’s ability to be anything better than anemic should lead to far more carries and far more yards on the ground.

As for USC, I am fully expecting JT Daniels to have a bit of a set-back in this game as it will be his first time going into a truly hostile environment. I don’t care how many “big games” the kid played in while at Mater Dei, the guys not going to be ready for what he is about to see. The good news for USC though? They have a stellar running back as well in Aca’Cedric Ware. Aca-scuse me? Yeah, you got that right Pitch Perfect fans, Aca’Cedric is a straight up baller who averaged 10 yards a carry last week on his way to 100 yards. He will not have THAT kind of success against Stanford, but still expect him to get a bevy of carries.

That all said, I am a sucker for experience, and feel that this setting will ensure that JT will be a bigger rider of the struggle bus than me on a Monday morning after a Sunday Fun-day, which will end in him having a horrendous game. Because of that, I gotta go with the Cardinal in this one, especially at home.

FINAL BET: Stanford -6


And there you have it folks, my rundown of what is to come in Week 2. As always, best of luck to you all and your wallets, and Go Dawgs!