On the train into work, I always run into this one kid I went to high school with. We usually shoot the shit for our half hour ride together about what’s going on in his world, what’s going on in mine, talk a little sports, whatever… The usual small-talk bullshit, you get the idea.

But one topic is an absolute lock, a consistent daily conversation – our New York Yankees.

And since we’ve now been seeing each other on our commute for about a year now, we decided we gotta hit up a day game, play hookie, gas beers and watch the Yanks. We decided on the Tuesday day game against the Sox coming up (if you’re there #letmekno and we’ll rumple some beers together).

So as we’re talking today about some games that we’ve been to before, favorite spots to watch from, etc, he mentions “Tony’s Special Tuna Subs.”

I, of course, look at him like, “Wtf did you just say? Tony’s Special Tuna Subs? What is that?

Oh, you know, the subs they used to sneak drinks into games with… DON’T tell me you’ve never heard of this!

I hadn’t.

Evidently back in the day, alcohol was banned in the bleachers of old Yankee Stadium, AND the bleachers were only accessible from a certain entryway. So if you were in the bleachers, you were confined to that area of the stadium. You couldn’t just hit up the beer stand a ways down and bring the beers back. They apparently were THAT strict about it.

But as New York is a city of alcoholics geniuses, the fans found a way around it.

Local deli’s around the stadium would have special “sandwiches” made (ones to my buddy known as “Tony’s Special Tuna Sandwich“!) that people would bring into games (because I guess you could bring a sandwich into the bleachers so long as it was in a clear plastic bag)?

hollowed out sandwich with beers in it how to sneak beers into games concerts.jpg

And just like that, those genius Bleacher Creatures had what they wanted all along… A delightful beverage to help in the hot summer sun!

hollowed out sandwich with vodka in it how to sneak beers into games concerts.jpg

Regardless, what a brilliant move from Yanks fans of old – true New York grit and determination!



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