The HillA Las Vegas professor is facing felony gun charges after he reportedly shot himself in the arm in protest of President Trump.

College of Southern Nevada sociology professor, Mark J. Bird, was charged with the unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and the possession a deadly weapon on school property for his role in an on-campus shooting last month.

On the day of the reported shooting on Aug. 28, Bird was reportedly seen stumbling out of a school bathroom while bleeding from a self-inflicted wound before collapsing.

In the bathroom Bird exited, campus police said they found a $100 bill that had been taped to a mirror in addition to a note reading: “For the janitor.” Campus police also reported finding a .22-caliber pistol on the bathroom floor and a spent shell casing.





I mean seriously, what kind of idiot thinks that this is a good idea (Probably the same kind who thinks that universal healthcare and completely free education are good policy initiatives)? And why is he allowed to work as an educator of our youth?

Also, what kind of message does he think this will send Trump? That people against him are all psychopathic loser liberals who can’t be trusted to not cause self-harm in some kind of weird protest?

Yeah, nice move buddy! That’s really going to stop the Donald from calling shots and cracking skulls at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! If anything, this will just make POTUS double down on everything he’s doing and will make him go even more off the rails as he’s trying to stuff Democrats in lockers on Capitol Hill. Have fun spending time in a federal prison once you catch those charges though, I’m sure it’ll be worth it and I’m sure they’ll love you in there!

That said, after a quick google search, I was able to find that the average cost for a student to attend this “esteemed institution” is between $18,578 and $23,861 per year, and their current enrollment is 34,000 students. That means there are a ton of actual kids who go to actual classes and actually pay thousands of dollars to attend this school…. And for what?! To get taught by crazy people who think an appropriate protest is shooting himself in the arm? What a crock of shit!

If you’re the school, first, you need to fire this asshole before he gets anywhere near another student on your campus. Supposedly, he has been a professor at the College of Southern Nevada since 1993, but that is CLEARLY 25 years too long. Get rid of him immediately, before he is allowed to taint the views of our youth, and try to cleanse any poor soul who has had to go through any version of credit hours being led by this lunatic.

Second, you need to reimburse the tuition money for every student who has had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Bird (just for those credit hours of course). It could not have been anything more than a COMPLETE waste of their time, and it would be the honorable thing to do in this insane situation.

These aren’t hard steps to take, and will definitely mitigate any blow-back on behalf of a school that let this guy work there for this long. Follow my advice College of Southern Nevada, it will work out well for you.