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Best Pick: Auburn (-9) over LSU

It is hard to play on the road in the SEC country, Clemson nearly learned that lesson last week when visiting A&M. Every single “expert” from the mothership took Auburn over LSU. Now if you have fifteen in the know football minds taking the same team to win I would expect that line to be creeping towards the -13 or -14 similar to what the OSU v. TCU match-up is at currently. Oh by the way, two of ESPN’s experts took TCU with the big upset. Additionally, LSU’s reputation this year is built entirely by their win over Miami that laid an egg Week 1 in Death Valley. Miami is known to sleep throw a game or two, see last year’s 24-14 loss to Pitt and their 38-3 ACC Championship loss to Clemson with National Title hopes on the line. Finally, I have no trust in QB Joe Burrow versus Auburn’s defense after he has struggled to complete 50% of his passes in either game this year at this point I may have more trust in Mitch Trubisky than any LSU QB. My prediction: Auburn 31 – LSU 13.

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Pick #2: Tennessee (-30) over UTEP

The Miners have opened up the season by losing 30-10 against the vaunted Northern Arizona Lumberjacks and then got whopped 52-24 by the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV in Vegas. The football version of Rebels aren’t exactly the talents of Larry Johnson or Greg Anthony on the court. Now, the Volunteers aren’t anywhere near as talented as the ’92 Rebels, however they have proved that they are willing to run up the score with a 59-3 win over East Tennessee State, last Saturday. My prediction: Tennessee 51 – UTEP 10.

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Pick #3: FIU (-4) over UMASS

This will be the Minutemen’s third straight road game after falling to Boston College and Georgia Southern the last two weeks. That is a lot of travel and having to make trips to Savannah and Miami on back-to-back weekends is tough. I believe that an already fragile program needs a home game to get right and this week in Miami will be just one too many. FIU has already challenged Indiana and beat Old Dominion on the road this year while in the midst of selecting their quarterback. They have selected James Morgan as their full-time starter, which will help build and solidify the offense this week without having to split any practice snaps. My prediction: FIU 33 – UMASS 17.

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Honorable Mention: Michigan (-35.5) over SMU

After getting burned by both Penn State and Michigan State as big favorites during Week 1, I just could not pull the trigger on a Wolverine beat down of SMU. Even after taking TCU as my number one pick in a road game over SMU, last week.