So, apparently I hadn’t thought too long and hard about that whole “Earth not spinning” thing… SHOCKER!!

If you remember (or didn’t just click on that link above), I had a groundbreaking discovery about how I think maybe, just MAYBE, the Earth doesn’t spin.

One of my cornerstone arguments was how in the absolute FLIP would one be able to take a crystal clear photo of the Earth from space (which ALL of them are) if it was spinning so fast? If the Earth was rotating so fast, the pictures would be blurry as shit!!

Well, it took an aerospace pilot* from the Navy (#SupportTheTroops) to point something out to me pretty obvious, for me to realize how dumb my “no spin” theory actually was.

If I believed it was impossible to take CLEAR pictures of something spinning so fast, how could I believe we could take a clear picture of a object FLYING through space 365 times faster than we thought it was (remember, because that’d be the only way sunrises/sunsets make sense)??

I was stumped.

I had no comeback. You wouldn’t be able to. You can’t get a clear picture of a baseball coming off the bat of Giancarlo Stanton Chase Headley with an exit velo of 115 mph, right?! So there’s no CHANCE you’d be able to see the world if it was traveling 24,455,000 mph**???

And just like that, my theory was dead.

It was a fun run for my theory – even if it only lasted a short time… I guess even geniuses like me can be wrong sometimes!!



Science Still Sucks,


* = Or he’s an engineer or something.

** = That logic is 67,000 mph (which was quoted on that site as the speed we move around the sun) times 365.