When I think about playoffs, my nipples get hard.” – Enes Kanter when asked what he thinks about Kevin Knox talking about the playoffs.

I mean… Wow.

I’ve ALWAYS been a Kanter guy… Seriously, what’s not to love? He hustles, he isn’t afraid of anyone, he LOVES New York. Guy’s just the best.

And today, when I heard this quote, I literally couldn’t start writing this blog quickly enough.

He said what all of us die-hard Knicks fans are actually thinking.

I do genuinely get fired up thinking about playoffs basketball in the Garden (despite how far-fetched it maybe is). I’d called it “fired up” and Enes calls it “my nipples get hard“!

I love it.

Number Double Zero may have taken the cake as my favorite Knick (sorry Ron Baker)… This was amazing.