Busch Light, one of my Top 2 favorite beers of all time*, is doing a “Free Beer for a Year” giveaway** on their Twitter and I feel it is my personal duty to help all followers of Water Cooler Sports in our unending pursuit of our next beer.

Now, the rules were pretty simple, keep an eye on their @BuschBeer Twitter and they’ll release clues on the hour, every hour from noon to 5pm (EST), on where to find these medallion things to take a picture with and basically claim your free beer. Simple enough, right?

So all day, I’ve been watching this like a hawk… They basically just reveal the coordinates so that schmucks like me can sit there and write them down, and then Google Map where this rainbow ends so I can get my pot of gold (aka Busch heavies).

Well, since you’re a loyal reader, I’ll hook you up with the straight up facts. Here’s what we got!

CLUE #1, 12:00pm

Pretty straightforward, just lookup where those latitude/longitude take you…

Location: NEBRASKA
42°42’58.0104″N 103°2’1.421″W

4242'58.0104N 1032'1.421W.PNG

I’ll be totally honest, when I first saw that this thing was located in fucking Nebraska, I realized how huge (A) this country is and (B) how enormous a contest this is… Like geographically. They set a fucking medallion in Nebraska and in FOUR other locations across this great country? Outstanding!!

P.S. Busch’s Twitter dared me to go get this one from work…

…ball’s in my court I guess!

CLUE #2, 1pm

Now, this one included three and after looking them up, you just had to not be a dumbass to realize where it was…

39°22’18.81″N 119°51’32.41″W

39 22'18.81 N 119 51'32.41 W.PNG

33.1376°S 81.8262°E

33.1376 S 81.8262 E.PNG

15°17’40.32″N 20°28’47.42″E

15 17'40.32 N 20 28'47.42E.PNG

I’ll tell ya one thing, it’d be absolutely electric if they ran their “Free Beer for a Year” thing in Africa… CHAD to be specific. Like, I bet they’re over their eating air for dinner and then one of the tribal kids wearing a 1993 Buffalo Bills Super Bowl t-shirt wanders off and finds a gold medallion and wins free beer for his village… I mean, that kid’s a legend now!

But by process of elimination, it’s PROBABLY not that, and it’s probably not floating in the Indian Ocean (though I bet the kid from Life of Pi would’ve appreciated a Busch Light instead of drinking Ocean Water and hallucinating about a Tiger and he sharing a fucking boat)… Again, it’s in the middle of nowhere America. Those Westerners get all the good stuff***!

CLUE #3, 2pm

42°28’36.1″N 76°47’47.8″W

42 28'36.1 N 76 47'47.8 W.PNG


That actually is only a 4 hour drive away. I swear when I got this, I thought about leaving work… Sure, work pays me real money to do almost nothing but write blogs all day so I can go home and drink Busch with said money, but I can LEAVE work and go get FREE BEER FOR A YEAR!?

Sadly, I’m still at the office writing this, but I am seriously considering pulling the trigger after work.

CLUE #4, 3pm

Location: MISSOURI
36°54’19″N 91°9’2″W

36 54'19 N 91 9'2 W.PNG

Again, middle America getting the goods with this one.

I don’t blame them here though. This has GOTTA be the shortest delivery of the beer BAR NONE… Everyone know St Louis, Missouri is the home of Anhueser-Busch, and could you imagine the freshest Busch beer for an entire year? I’d die.

CLUE #5, 4pm

I swear to you guys, I tried zooming in and I can barely see it… Download and check it out for yourself, but I think I see this:

Location: COLORADO
39°13’23.92″N 107°13’19.09″W

Goddamnit Busch! Another location that would require me to drive OVER a day in one direction…

And again, I want to cover my ass here… I don’t even know if this is what the fucking picture said, I’m just guessing. So if you drive out there based on this blog and don’t find anything, that’s on you.

CLUE #6, 5pm

Location: WYOMING
42°13’3.1″N 110°33’27.6″W

Damnit Busch… Besides the one in New York (which I have been notified was already fucking found) these were all in bumble-fuck America. I mean, I appreciate the promotion and all, but WTF!!

Well, I think the new bar for beer promotions has been set. @BeerCompanies, go out there and do “Free Beer for a Year” or maybe even “Free Beer for Life” giveaways and people will be #ALLIN. The ball is in your court if you wanna make noise…


To Hell With Your Mountains – Show Us Your Busch!!



* = As much as this whole post should be about Busch Light, it would be wrong of me to just ignore Natty Light as my #1, my ride or die… Don’t get me wrong, both of these beverages are elite, and I can tell them apart from any other light beer (no, seriously, I can), but there’s something about using corn as the starch component that just makes your beer better… And THAT is what separates Busch & Natty from the rest.

** = When they say “Free Beer for a Year” – it’s really just two cases every three months… Which is a tragically small amount of beer. Like, that wouldn’t last a week at the WCS HQ, let alone three months… Sad! Regardless, the days that two free cases show up to my door would be something I’d look forward to every three months.

*** = Totally kidding, the East Coast is everything and, as an American who is dug into my beliefs, I refuse to believe otherwise.