Let me tell ya a little story from back in my college days… Let’s say it was maybe 2009.

As a former D-2 “athlete” (no big deal*), there were often bus trips of up to 6 hours we had to endure… All over the greater Northeast region, we’d take our talents, and all over the greater Northeast region we’d violate MANY NCAA rules.

We came, we saw, we fucked shit up.

One such story I’d like to share with you is that of the Stokers bucket of dip we once took on a particularly long road trip.

You see, Syracuse is a near an Indian reservation (the “rez” to the locals) where tobacco could be purchased VERY inexpensively. So every so often, myself and a few other chaw dogs would find ourselves going to this drive-through tobacco store, and picking up some goods.

Anyway, this particular trip we went inside to see all the wonderful shit this place had to offer. I mean, the drivethrough was A+, so imagine what the inside was like! And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is how we stumbled on Stokers.

It caught our eyes as it was about the size of a paint bucket, but instead of paint, it was full of long-cut wintergreen tobacco.

It was more of a novelty purchase than anything (like when you buy a butt plug as a joke when you go to Spencer’s**). We were fairly sure it would suck but we also knew we had to buy it… It’s like when you see a new Busch heavy hunting 30-rack at the store. The marketing sold you regardless of the product itself***.

Anyway, we carry this 12 oz bucket out of the store and into our lives. We were laughing our asses off thinking, “WHY would someone would ever require this much dip?! And HOW?!” It was a ridiculous sight for our young eyes to behold.

Alas, this bucket joined us on our 6-hour road trip to New Hampshire (or wherever we were going)… and the group of five or six of us decide we’re going to try to kill the entire bucket by the end of the trip (there AND back). So away we go, throwing hog in after hog in, **on an NCAA sanctioned trip** not giving the slightest fuck and not being quiet about it either – we never were!

And Goddamnit, don’t you know this was the freshest longcut you’d ever chewed! Seriously, some of the stems were GREEN… I liked to think this shit was handpicked earlier that week. And let me tell you this too, the stuff ROCKED you on your ass. Between five or six of us grown ass**** men, we didn’t put a dent in this thing.

Anyways, the trip back was the worst part… Coming back tired as fuck from the meet, defeated, just knowing there wasn’t a shot in hell we could kill the rest of it, feeling like complete failures.

That bucket top remained center of our pong table of tins until some assholes dummies broke it. It was a defeat but it was one we were proud of.

We tried to take down a Stoker’s bucket and instead it took us down.

Now why did I tell you this completely pointless story?

Well, because Stokers the wonderful company that they are has a promotion running… They built a 22-foot tall replica dip bucket, and said “If you can guess how many tins we can fit in here, we’ll give you a five day stay, all expenses paid to Nashville during CMA-Fest (which if you’re a country fan is pretty #neat) for you and a guest” (my words not theirs).

So here’s all you gotta do to enter: Go to WorldsLargestTub.com and enter your guess and your email.


And shit, regardless of whether you win or not, follow Stokers on Instagram because tomorrow they’re blowing the bucket up. Like, KABOOM, fill it with explosives and blow it up!!

Redneck? Yes.

Must see? Absolutely!

October 2nd just got a little more exciting. Throw in a lip and buckle up!!



Dip. Dip. BOOM.


* = No, like, literally swimming was no big deal. It was more of a joke the way we were doing “college athletics” at this point in time… But that may be a blog for another day.

** = Another idea for a storytelling blog about the house of guys we were friends with who had a set of anal beads that would often be found in their dishwasher… If I forget to write this blog DM me or comment or something.

*** = That’s a terrible example because Busch is an exceptional product… Hopefully you get the idea.

**** = Okay, we were like 19/20.