If you caught the Knicks’ first game of the preseason OT thriller last night, you know we’re the greatest team on Earth… Nah, jk, jk, jk!! More realistically, we’re trending upward.

We got to see that Knox’s summer league dominance wasn’t a fluke, he can still do that now that it’s October. We learned Alonzo Trier (who’s nickname is “ISO Zo,” so more than likely by November I’ll be over him) loves to attack and can get by anyone. Trey Burke had some sweet little moves, but we saw that last year. And maybe my most favorite takeaway is that we will be lobbing alley-oops to Mitchell Robinson 100 times a game, much like the old offense of Raymond Felton going to the rack, throwing up a brutal layup and letting Tyson Chandler clean up the mess.

But the story I want to talk about most is one of Ron Baker, personal favorite of mine and all around good guy.

Late in the game Baker got his eye poked – not like Allen Ray thank God – and his contact fell out.

Now, as a contact wearer myself, I know that this shit happens. What sucks is having to put that thing back in without any solution… And Ronny B didn’t have no solution – he was playing a basketball game! So what did our boy do?


I can tell you this for absolute certain – that move was a desperation move. It was the first liquid he could think of to help that thing back to life… Shit, I bet if he saw Gatorade nearby he might’ve tried that too*!

So gritty… Just do whatever to get back in the game as fast as possible.

Ron Baker, once a GOAT, always a GOAT.





* = That could be a million dollar idea for a product no one needs – contact solution with electrolytes! “Electrolytes for your eyes!