Proud of it or not, I’ve written six posts about the youngest Ball brother, LaMelo. Let’s take a walk down memory lane… I wrote:

  1. When Ball took a halfcourt shot mid-game in Chino… Also when I first coined the term #StayLaMe7o;
  2. When LaMelo scored 92 points in a game;
  3. When his team lost by 55 points and Lavar Ball tore into these kids like their AAU games were life or death;
  4. When he dunked in a game;
  5. When he dropped his own $395 shoe… AS A FREAKING HIGH SCHOOLER;
  6. and lastly I wrote to chronicle his first game as a pro (…in Lithuania).

But now it’s time for lucky number seven!!

LaMelo got his JBA Team USA Team (the “JBA” is Junior Basketball Association… remember, the one that Lavar founded??) into a brawl with a Lithuanian player named Mindaugas Susinskas*.

Granted the game could’ve been chippy before this, but that literally looked like the Lithuanian dude tapped him on the head and LaMelo just was like, “Nah brah, I’m over this shit. Let’s chuck some knucks!!

CLASSIC must-watch Melo! He’s the best.

I swear, when he’s of age and he takes his talents to the NBA and the Knicks draft him in the lottery (cuz of course we’ll be in the lottery), it’s going to be great. He’s going to dominate every headline, every game, every inch of Knicks fans’ headspace – for better or for worse.

Gotta just hope this kid knows all he’s gotta do: #StayLeMe7o!






* = Is that a joke? Literally the exact name of former Knick GREAT Mindaugas Kuzminskas (who had that smokeshow babe girlfriend back in that day)… It honestly Mindaugas Kuzminskas sounds like a fake name you’d make up when you’re really Mindaugas Kuzminskas but want to pretend you’re not.