Even though this is Water Cooler SPORTS, I’m not usually inclined to write about actual sports here. It’s not because I don’t enjoy them — quite the opposite, I enjoy them quite a bit and probably to a fault. Its more so that I’m not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to sports history, stats, or really any person/team that is not the ones that I root for. However, I can’t shake the thoughts of last night’s ALDS tragedy from my mind and that is usually a sign that I need to blog about it. As a disclaimer, there is very little flow and structure to this blog — pretty much my thoughts thrown onto the page so take that as you will.

This is like one of those “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” situations except the complete opposite — I’m not disappointed, I’m just fucking pissed off. Credit to the Red Sox, they came into the Bronx with hot bats and took care of business. But for fuck’s sake, how can the Yankees perform that poorly in their own stadium in an elimination game?! We’re not even going to get into the blowout that was Game 3 (but I would encourage you to look into the theories that Boone told his team the wrong start time — very interesting).

Really, my frustration comes down to that 9th inning. Sure, they couldn’t hit anything in the previous eight innings and every chance they got to do something, they squandered it away. But that 9th inning was their chance to shine. The broadcasters were sucking off Kimbrel for being such a great closer, even though he has struggled against the Yankees in the past, and I just wanted to stick it to him with his shitty face and stupid arm hang. I figured all we needed were baserunners and the ol Yankee magic would take care of the rest.

Well, I certainly got the first part of my wish. The only bad thing was that we had a baseball player who stinks at baseball batting in the clean up spot. I fundamentally don’t understand Giancarlo Stanton. How can a guy be the NL MVP one year and then be terrible in the postseason the next?! All he had to do was sit up there with the bat on his shoulders! God knows the Red Sox had that strategy whenever Yankees pitchers couldn’t find the zone. But nope, he swings out of his shoes every chance he gets, even at balls that are in the fucking dirt.

Hell, even Gary got part of his job done by getting a run in — I have no problem with a productive out (though a homerun there would have been absolutely nuts). But it all ended in truly heartbreaking fashion — the young Gleyber not being able to make it down the line by half a step. I give the kid credit, that’s a huge situation for someone his age and lack of pro experience to deal with and he did what he could. But I just can’t stop replaying a situation in which he is safe and the Yankees go on to win in dramatic fashion. My pick for who should have been in that big spot? Ronald Torreyes but for some reason, Boone doesn’t recognize him as a solid, clutch player and he didn’t even make the roster.

I told my dad at the end of the game that I would have rather they went down 1-2-3 instead of just building up all of this hope. But that’s probably not true — I would have been pretty pissed if they went down like that too. In any case, they have a lot of shit to figure out this offseason, namely Boone’s game management, Stanton being a bum, and why the fuck our starters can’t get past the third inning. For now, we watch the rest of the postseason unfold and hope the Astros kick the ever loving shit out of the Red Sox in one of the most embarrassing postseason sweeps in MLB history.