Let’s face it, after the start of this Arizona Cardinals season, SOMEONE was gonna get fired… No way no one is losing their job when you have what most consider one of the league’s top running backs and he can’t move the ball at all, oh, AND, to boot – your rookie QB “Chosen Rosen” legit seemed unable to get a first down last night*.


Mike McCoy gets the can, and promoted is one of my favorite all-time NFL thicc boi’s – Byron Leftwich!!

byron leftwich draft day jaguars flip phone.jpg

Many may know him as Big Ben’s backup in Pittsburgh, others may remember him in Tampa, or going back to the start of his career, Leftwich was THE guy in Jacksonville after they finally gave up on Mark Brunell… But to me, the most epic moment in Leftwich’s career came even earlier than all that.

In what can only be described as one of the most heroic “football guy” moves ever, Leftwich broke his fucking shin and continued to play a game at Marshall in college…

Now, I think if I didn’t like Byron Leftwich, I’d call him a fraud and hate on him the way I do Paul Pierce for clearly faking it that one time he got wheelchaired off the court and then came back like 2 minutes later perfectly fine…┬áBut I love Leftwich and his overall thicc-ness. Guy can do no wrong!

I really wish him the best and hope he turns Rosen into a fucking rockstar.



Biiiiiiiig Leftwich Guy,


* = That is strictly from what I watched, which was really just bits and pieces of the first half… I mean, once it was 28-3 I was outtie 5000.