Week 8 is rolling in and you know your boy is still in immense pain from the game at Death Valley last week. But, as the Dawgs will, I will continue to fight on and to give you that content that you so dearly desire.

This week there are some real big games, including the battle for Michigan and the Paul Bunyan Trophy, but first we have to look back at what we learned last week:

  • Notre Dame isn’t as dominant as we thought,
  • Oregon DOES know how to finish a big game,
  • Spartans will make it a not-so-Happy Valley,
  • Big Houses will crush a Badgers ability to jump around, and
  • The Dawgs played like a bunch of puppies when it really mattered.

Again, very tough week for me last week, but we must advance on to week 8. So, without further ado, let’s look at them lines!


6 Michigan at 24 Michigan State at 12:00 on FOX

LINE: Michigan -7.5

“Little Brother” plays host and potential spoiler as the wolverines enter Spartan Stadium hoping to give the Spartans the same fate they faced at King Leonidas’s last stand. Now listen, Michigan is BACK, and I don’t think this is a true let down game as some are calling for, as they are playing A RIVAL.

However, today is a peculiar situation, because all season I have stated that Shea Patterson hasn’t proven to be anything more than a game manager. Before any wolverine fans jump down my throat for shitting on Shea, I will say that I realize he has not HAD to be anything more than that. This Michigan team has been excellent between the trenches and they have pounded away for 217 rushing yards per game, rendering the passing game meaningless. I mean, if you’re rushing for over 5 YPC why the hell would you waste time throwing the ball? (looking at you Georgia).

The funny thing is, Shea may just have his chance to prove himself today, and I think he will. This Michigan State defensive front is VERY impressive, as they are only giving up 62.3 YPG on the ground, which ranks #1 in the country. This can very easily hamper the Michigan run game and will force them to the air.

That bodes well for the wolverines, as the Michigan State secondary is far from elite, and they are giving up 286.3 YPG through the air, giving them a whopping ranking of 117th in the country. This means that (if Harbaugh wises up and changes the mind-numbing strategy of run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, punt the ball, we may FINALLY have Shea’s coming out party. I believe all of this will happen and it will click again for Michigan, so I’m hammering that line.

Also, don’t be worried if it is a slow start. It may take them a bit to wake up, seeing as this is a 11 am local kickoff, but they will pull away late to cover.

FINAL BET: Michigan -7


16 NC State at 3 Clemson at 3:30 on ESPN

Image result for NC state clemson football

LINE: Clemson -17.5

If a wolfpack continuously loses to a group of tigers in their annual match-up, how long does it continue before it is dubbed to not be a rivalry? We do this every single year, where we hype up this game and then Clemson comes up and wipes the floor with them. It will be no different this year, and I fully expect Trevor Lawrence to drop dimes all day as they walk away unscathed.

The difference this year? Vegas is giving you and NC State 17 points, and I love it. Sure, Clemson always wins and they will continue this success, BUT being given this many points in what is supposed to be a close-ish game is TOO good to pass up. Hammer that line for the wolfpack, and hope to God their defense doesn’t let you down!

FINAL BET: NC State +17.5


22 Mississippi State at 5 LSU at 7:00 on ESPN

LINE: LSU -6.5

The second round of Dawgs enter Tiger Stadium hoping to come out looking better than the puppies that played there last week. In all seriousness, did y’all not see the torture LSU put me through last week?

It was an unbelievable game which proved how dominant their defense can be. They completely shut down a MUCH better Georgia offense and made a MUCH better Georgia defense look horrific. For these reasons and these reasons alone, I am going with the Tigers to give Nicky Fitz a rough night, and to cover on their road toward their date with destiny against Alabama. Hammer them Tigers.



12 Oregon at 25 Washington State at 7:30 on FOX

Image result for washington state oregon football


The Ducks are flying north for the fall to Pullman, WA. A place known for a ton of cougars, which will certainly make the visiting coeds more than happy. The main attraction, this football game, of course is set up to be a dandy if you like scoring, as each team averages over 480 YPG and over 40 points per game as well. I expect this to fully continue, especially when you factor in that Wazzou throws for 413 YPG and Oregon allows 239 on average.

This bodes well for the Cougs, and you know what else bodes well for them? The fact that they are home, and Gameday will be there. This crowd will be ROWDY, and it will be Oregon’s first true road test. Look for them to come out swinging and for Oregon’s secondary to not have a chance to catch their breath all game, or for them to have a real answer anywhere, and hammer those cougars!



And there you have it. This will be another huge week that shifts the landscape of college football and a lot of team’s playoff chances, and thankfully Georgia has a bye to help me recover. As always, best of luck to all of your teams and your wallets!