If you haven’t seen yet, people are FREAKING OUT over this Kevin Durant recruitment billboard that was put up just around the corner from MSG ahead of Durant’s visit to the Garden Friday night.

Let’s break it down and see if KD should be impressed (and therefore obviously join the Knicks next year) or if he should be offended…

Can you make new york sports great again MAGA MNYSGA.png

Starting off bold, I like it. Nothing like putting something that mimics Trump’s “Make America Great Againin a super liberal city like New York City, to recruit a basketball player, one of the most liberal sports out there. Bold, but bold moves need to be made. I’ll allow it.

NBA Finals Trophy on the KD Billboard hilarious.png

The NBA Trophy might be my favorite part. Just randomly throwing that in there as if to say, “Just come to New York and, BOOM, here’s a championship!!

Sneaky and subtle but MAYBE the thought will sneak into his cupcake brain that he comes to New York and actually WINS.

It’s like speaking things into existence which totally works and in no way shape or form could be dumb.

And then my favorite part…

kd billboard make new york sports great again drawing looks like its done by a 12 year old.png

Did a 12-year old draw this?! We couldn’t do better than THIS?!

I get that this was likely just a random fan with not a bajillion dollars or means for crazy artwork, but… if Kevin Durant is 6’9″ then according to this billboard, Kevin Knox is 7’4″!!

But hey, it’s a nice gesture and we need to do anything in our power to get KD here and join this young squad. KP comes back, Knox grows this year, Frank grows, we sign KD. BOOM. Titletown, USA.!!

But maybe we should slow our roll, we don’t want to get ahead of oursel-

kevin durant signs with the new york knicks.PNG




New York Has the Best Cupcakes!!


P.S. Huuuuuuuuuge shout-out to the Twitter egg with the handle @easymoneysniper. I bet they’re getting MAD attention from idiots like me who looked them up to who it was that put their handle on this billboard* and saw THIS…

twitter handle easymoneysniper kd billboard ny kdny2019.PNG




* = FYI @easymoneysniper is KD’s Instagram handle. This billboard had HIS handle listed. Why? I don’t know… But I genuinely didn’t know that until today, so in case you didn’t, I just saved you the agonizing embarrassment I went through of not knowing and looking like an IDIOT.