Well guys, Movember doesn’t officially start until Thursday, but like any child that hates losing, I went ahead and got our team Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again a head start. After slugging 24 Twisted Teas, at $10/pop, our team total is looking strong at $240!!

Now, many people out there may not exactly have *agreed* with how this weekend’s fundraising went. Many might say “OMG – Taylor this isn’t good!” or “Taylor stop doing this…” or my favorite “Taylor, this is too much.

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To them I say there are no shortcuts in this war against cancer, we aren’t the fat kid in gym class and we can’t just turnaround halfway…

…NOPE!! We need to tackle it head on.

And head on is exactly what I did. I put my body on the line (no joke, according to this awesome online game I found, I saw I had given myself around a .287 BAC assuming I started around 9am and had thirteen by 2pm… which I did) and I came out victorious.

$240 towards the greatest cause of all time and all I had to endure was a hangover that lasted about 24 hours? Easy peasy*…

Starting Friday, we have Ice’s… Let’s double up this total, shall we?!



Tbh, I’m Still Not Right…



* = “Easy peasy” is a bit of an understatement… The final seven teas that I had to do on Sunday were brutal. And I really mean BRUTAL. The hangover that I endured STARTING at 8pm on Saturday and ending sometime Sunday around noon was bad. BAD. But, I made it out alive. Until Friday when the game is changed to Ice’s!!