Both the NBA and NFL have closed the chapter on their first coaches fired odds books for their 2018-2019 seasons with the ousting of the Tyronn Lue and Hue Jackson, respectively. The parlay on both coaches hailing from Cleveland would have fetched a nice return for any investor.

Now with the interest of gamblers being settled, the discussion may be dominated by the disgruntled fan bases. In the NFL, a likely candidate may be hard to find with the Giants, Cardinals, and Raiders all being head by first-year coaches. Gus Bradley may find his name float to the top as Bortles continues to struggle under-center for the Jaguars.

However, let me step forward as a disgruntled fan and nominate Fred Hoiberg for the next to be let go. One thing all owners hate is for their team to be embarrassed, just look at the aforementioned Cleveland Browns that consistently fire their coaches following the second loss to the Steelers in a year (Hue Jackson v. Steelers = 0-6). Last night’s 92 points allowed in the first half to the Warriors may be the first of many “wrong-side-of-the-highlight-reel’s” for the Bulls. With Kris Dunn, Lauri Markkanen, and Bobby Portis all sporting business casual uniforms for the next month to six weeks, the Bulls are missing most of their defense and rebounding pieces on all ready deficient team in those categories. Just while writing this the Bulls are already working on a second ugly highlight as the Warriors are feeding the ball to Klay and he may touch 60 in only three quarters, tonight.



-Bucknell Ben (aka Boz)