Boy these Gimmick Reviews are off to a hot start, one that I certainly am not going to be able to keep pace with. But when the blog game calls, you gotta answer and such was the case Tuesday night after I posted my first Gimmick Review and almost immediately got a request to do the Taco Bell Caramel Apple Freeze (shout out @jordyyypants19). Luckily, today was Free Taco Day because someone (who will remain nameless) stole a base during the World Series. Figured I could kill two birds with one stone: do my civic duty to make Taco Bell pay for their poor judgment in giving away free tacos and do my next Gimmick Review.

I honestly wasn’t sure they were going to have this thing. Everything I found online about it was from the end of August or early September and it all said it was a limited time so I was nervous. I had found a regular green apple one but I wasn’t about to try that trash. It was caramel apple or bust for this guy.

Luckily as I was waiting in the 10 car line (that’s a story for another day but why was it taking so long? You people should just be ordering a taco and moving on, right?) I saw a huge poster for the caramel apple freeze AND since it was between 2pm and 5pm, that shit was only a dollar! A taco and gimmick for only $1, I almost felt bad robbing Taco Bell blind.

As for the actual caramel apple freeze, what you see is what you get. There is really nothing special about it — tastes exactly like a green apple flavored slushee with some fake caramel swirled in. However, I will say that when you get a huge glob of caramel sucked up through the straw it is a welcome little treat (they pretty much pour it all at the bottom so it happens a lot).

For a final verdict, meh. Not something I would rush out to go get but if you’re big into green apple, you’ll really enjoy this. Oh and this fucking thing turns your tongue green so heads up.


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