How close am I to this dream coming true – Matt Farrell playing point guard for the New York Knicks?

Well, I saw earlier in the week that a picture was posted* with he and Demetrius Jackson (former Notre Dame GREAT and teammate of Farrell’s, and apparently his CURRENT teammate) both wearing Delaware Blue Coats jerseys, the 76ers G-League affiliate.


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I knew when Farrell went to Lithuania he wasn’t meant to play Euro ball. This kid is a BALLER and deserves his shot in the league. He played sparingly for the Heat during Summer League, but didn’t really shine like I we ALL know he can.

He’s gritty and he’s got jam, and he’d be PERFECT for these new age Knicks who actually scrap and fight. At this point, it’s just a matter of changing that employer’s name.

Now believe it or not, I am no NBA GM, but I’d guess it wouldn’t take much in a trade to get him over from the Sixers.

And if this is me in NBA 2K, I’m making this move happen before other teams realize his TRUE worth and a washing machine won’t do it anymore.

I’m thinking 4 future 1st rounders might be appropriate, same as Jimmy Butler value, or at least somewhere near there… @GMScottPerry69┬áLET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!



STILL Speaking This Into Existence,



* = Translation, a picture was posted somewhere – Twitter, Instagram, who knows – and I lost it.