Welcome back folks to another edition of Miller’s College Football playoffs. This week we have some HUGE matchups in the SEC that will decide each side of the conference, but, as always, let’s first take a look at what we learned last week:

  • Texas is NOT back,
  • The Dawgs love the taste of Gator meat,
  • Washington State is legit, and
  • Wisconsin’s annual let down cane much sooner this year!

Not a bad week at all, and this one should be another dandy, so without further ado, let’s look at those lines!

6 Georgia at 9 Kentucky at 3:30 on CBS

LINE: UGA -8.5


The Kentucky liberals are looking for a serious blue wave in the East, while Conservative Georgians everywhere have been praying for a red wave for quite some time *insert Stacey Abrams joke, then withdraw it because were here to talk sports and not politics*

You have to take the Dawgs here. Is it a hostile road environment? Yes. Is it a very good Kentucky team? Yes. Am I a homer? Probably. But even still, you have to go with Georgia.

Look, Kentucky has had a magical run so far and they’ve done a great job in close games, but those close games have come against teams that aren’t the powerhouse that is the University of Georgia. Benny Snell will put up decent numbers but the Georgia front seven willl keep him in check, which will leave the ball in Terry Wilson’s hands to make key decisions, and that’s a blessing for Georgia. Hammer that line for the Dawgs.


13 West Virginia at 17 Texas at 3:30 on FOX

LINE: Texas -2

The Mountaineers are headed to Austin looking to wrangle some cattle, while the Longhorns will hope for some musket misfires. Too bad for the Horns, Will Grier’s musket hasn’t let him down since he tested positive for PEDs at Florida.

Texas had a BIG let down last week, and it seems that every time they’ve been favored in games they have a hard time staying motivated, and that should continue this week as they’ll drop this one to WVU at home.

Coach Dana and Trill Will Grier will come in and make some serious noise as they sling the ball all over the field and give Texas fits, take them all day.


14 Penn State at 5 Michigan at 3:45 on ESPN


LINE: Michigan -12

The Big House is going to be LIT for this game as it will be a great chance to knock off a highly ranked opponent right before their match-up to determine the Big Ten East with rival Ohio State, and to be honest they will make that chance count (even though I STILL don’t trust Shea bay bay Patterson). That said, I look for Michigan to stick to the run game and to pound away, which will keep this game close. Which is why I’m taking the points, and going with the Nittany Lions.

FINAL BET: Penn State +12

1 Alabama at 3 LSU at 8:00 on CBS


LINE: Alabama -14.5

A crimson tide will look to do more damage to the Cajuns in Baton Rouge than their annual hurricane, but the tigers will look to bite back with a fierce determination you can only find in Ed Orgeron.

Listen, I LOVE Coach O and I LOVE those Tigers, but it all comes down to one person in my mind… Tua. This Bama team has been so incredibly gifted offensively that teams are trying to force them to run the ball now. Forcing Bama to run the ball. Think about that. It’s like forcing the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to kill you with a chainsaw. It’s what they do best and they will dominate you. Unless Tua’s knee goes, there is really no way of stopping this team, and because of that I got Bama all damn day.

FINAL BET: Alabama -14.5

And there you have it folks, I hope you all will be glued to your television today, and as always, best of luck to you and to your wallets!