In one week, we went from $240 to over $1,600… so that’s, uh, FREAKING AWESOME!!

Last week we did $10 per Twisted Tea chugged, and this week we changed it up (but not really) to $10 per Smirnoff Ice.

Painful? Yes.

Hilarious? One hundred percent.

Worth it? Absolutely.

By milking the cow for all it’s worth, we kept donating and doubling up because MasterCard is retardedly generous and was doubling every donation made using a MasterCard credit card until they had matched $250,000 in donations… Well, it was November 4th yesterday when I noticed they already stopped matching donations!!

We bumped our team total up to $1,633 and gained a few members who immediately made impacts on our fundraising total… Just our here killin’ it I tell ya.

Not going to lie, coming to work with a goatee that looks like the peachfuzz of a 13-year old is tough… But knowing that we’re raising this much money THIS QUICKLY makes me believe the juice is worth the squeeze.

Now, I’m not really sure when my straight-up mustache will start (maybe next week), but for now the facial hair training wheels of this horrendous goatee will have to do.

Also, I cannot be more excited to introduce this image to the world. Producer Tayls is walking around the Greater NYC/NJ area looking like this:

Though this image may appear that Tim is at a bowling alley inside a strip club (great idea btw), it’s actually just a regular bowling alley with a neon sign that says “PussyCats.” 

God bless that kid. He’s so elite.

Next weekend the plan was to snorkel wine bottles for $30/pop. But I think the price will have to go up because this challenge sucks so much I’d really rather Producer Tim & I not have to do a bunch of these.

Regardless, PUMPED to be at the total we’re at so early in the month. This team gets better and better every year, it’s unbelievable.



Cancer Sucks,