106 days away from Spring Training, there is nothing better than dreaming of that Opening Day roster.

Who are we TOTALLY getting in free agency? Which rookie am I going to insanely over-hype? Who showed promise last year so I’ll believe that THIS year they can play 162 games at an elite level?

Bust out the Jergens fella’s, it’s time to roster bait.

If you saw the rumors yesterday, it’s been said the Yankees are floating the idea of bringing in Harper to play first:

Now, first base last year WAS Greg Bird’s job, then he lost it. Then Luke Voit won our hearts, but aren’t we all pretty sure he’s just Shane Spencer 2.0?

So the thought of bringing Harper in to play first? Honestly… It’s amazing.

Let’s play “What could our lineup look like Opening Day if we nail free agency,” shall we?

Since Didi is out for basically the whole year after just having Tommy John, let’s say shortstop is open… And if shortstop is open…

Andujar Gleyber Torres Machado Added

I’m not saying I LOVE Machado’s personality… But his stats are disgusting and maybe you don’t win with “nice & fun” guys like we’ve had for the last couple years (Todd Frazier was fun… remember that Little League picture of he and Jeter?? Ahh, just a kid from Toms River!!). Maybe you need an asshole and Machado, well, he’s proven he could be just that.

Anyway, yes, let’s say HYPOTHETICALLY we sign Machado and Harper, and spend a billion dollars this offseason (literally if we signed both of them we’d be so close it’d almost be annoying if we feel short of a bill)… My 2019 New York Yankees Way-Too-Soon Opening Day Lineup sponsored by Jergens:

1 – Aaron Hicks CF
2 – Aaron Judge RF
3 – Bryce Harper 1B
4 – Giancarlo Stanton LF
5 – Manny Machado SS
6 – Miguel Andujar 3B
7 – Gary Sanchez C
8 – Luke Voit DH
9 – Gleyber Torres 2B

Now, let me make this VERY clear – Luke Voit could lose that job in a heartbeat. I love him and he might be my favorite player to see do well (except Clint Frazier, still love that guy), but given this lineup, you either hit or you probably get the boot.

…and then after Didi comes back…

1 – Aaron Hicks CF
2 – Aaron Judge RF
3 – Bryce Harper 1B
4 – Giancarlo Stanton LF
5 – Manny Machado SS/DH/3B
6 – Didi Gregorius DH/SS
7 – Miguel Andujar 3B/3B
8 – Gary Sanchez C
9 – Gleyber Torres 2B/SS

Basically what this all means is Luke Voit gets canned because this lineup is so good and there’s no room for him… But also, LOOK AT THAT LINEUP.

Image result for oh god oh god gif

It’d be a real shame if this all came true I tell ya… A REAL REALLLLLL shame…