Hello and welcome back to another edition of Miller’s College Football playoff. This week we roll in with 4 top-25 match-ups Including three top 25 teams with games that could cause them some problems (probably not though). But as always, we have to recap before we jump ahead. Here is what we learned last week:

  • This may be the greatest Bama team under Saban and the greatest College team ever,
  • Penn State never deserved to be in the “playoff conversation,”
  • The Dawgs are officially on top in the East,
  • Notre Dame loves a good heart attack, and
  • Oklahoma and Big 12 overs are the lock of the century.

Not a bad week at all, especially when my Dawgs shut down the haters (even though the game in Atlanta is really going to hurt). That said, let’s look at the lines today:


10 Ohio State at 18 Michigan State at 12:00 on FOX

  • LINE: OSU -4 O/U: 49

Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes will be trying very hard to get their nut today, but they have to go against a Spartan team that is tough as nails and has ALWAYS given them fits. Thankfully for Urban, they have already gotten their big let down game off the books for this year (shoutout Purdue) so I don’t think they will be overlooking That Team Up North’s little brother.

Additionally, Ohio State’s problem this year has been the lackluster defense, but they luck out in this matchup because Michigan State is a strict one-dimensional offense that runs the ball 95% of the game. Ohio State will be able to reign this in and hold them to minimal damage. I look for this game to stay close early but then for Haskins and company to power away in the Fourth Quarter en route to a two touchdown win. Go with the Buckeyes.



16 Mississippi State at 1 Alabama at 3:30 on CBS

LINE: BAMA -22.5 O/U: 52

It’ll take more than a gang of puppies to stop this strong Tide in T-Town. All the analysts are hyping this game up to be a real test for Bama and I’ve heard it all “Mississippi State has only allowed six drives of more than 60 yards!” Who gives a shit? Alabama has had 60 yard PLAYS seven times. Tua is just too good. Did people forget what he did against LSU?! This game will not be a contest. Alabama will win by a billion and we will all have to flip to other games for the second half. Hammer the Tide.



24 Auburn at 5 Georgia at 7:00 on ESPN

LINE: UGA -14 O/U: 52.5

The Georgia Red Coats will be looking to stave off an intrusion from the blue jackets of Auburn, and we all know the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry is always sure to have some drama. Realistically, this is the game that will be the closest out of any of the big games on slate this weekend, and I think Auburn has proven they aren’t dead by having a big win last week, but you would have to be crazy to think I would pick against the Dawgs at home this week, especially with the weak line play we’ve seen from the Tigers all year.

Look for the Dawgs to dominate between the trenches and for Holyfield and Swift to break for some major yardage. Gotta go with them Dawgs.



2 Clemson at 17 Boston College at 8:00 on ABC

LINE: CLEM -19 O/U: 53

The real Tigers have to go into the crazy atmosphere of Chestn…. No. No. No. I can’t even fake it. This is not a place where anybody needs to worry about “atmosphere.” It’s Boston Fucking College and it’s not Hockey. I guarantee half of the city doesn’t even realize there is a game today. On top of this, Clemson is basically coming off of a bye week against Louisville, where they had time to rest everyone on their roster.

Because of this, look for Clemson and Trevor Lawrence to sling the ball all over the field and to dominate the Eagles from start to finish.



And there you have it folks. Sure, I may have taken all of the favorites this week, but you know what? There is no reason to pick against that. All of these teams should win and they should win big. I’m sorry, I love an upset, but it’s the truth.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Saturday, and as always, best of luck to you and your wallets!