I rant about this pretty much once a year to different people — coworkers, friends, homeless people on the streets. But now I finally have a platform to reach the masses (from the looks of my blog stats, about two people, one of which is Taylor) so I want to preach this loud and clear: WE NEED TO GIVE THANKSGIVING ITS DAY IN THE SUN!

Stores and Christmas freaks LOVE to say that Christmas season starts after Halloween. Starbucks pulls out the holiday cups, there is Christmas music playing in commercials, Debbie from accounting puts garland and tinsel all over her desk. The only thing Christmas freaks love more than the start of Christmas season is debating when the start of Christmas season is with normal adults.

And you know what, I really wouldn’t care when you wanted to start Christmas season if there wasn’t a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas. If that was the case, fine go for it. I still think it would be weird to hear songs about snow and a warm fire when it is in the 40s/50s and the leaves haven’t fully fallen, but whatever.

But guess what? That isn’t the case! We have a holiday between Halloween and Christmas and its name is motherfucking Thanksgiving!


Every year, people love to skip over Thanksgiving in order to get to Christmas and honestly that is just so offensive.


Thanksgiving gets a bad rap because there isn’t free candy or fireworks or presents but dammit it’s still a bangin holiday and one that deserves its shine! For one, you usually get a couple days off of work because it falls on a Thursday and there is no use going back to work on that Friday. Plus, it is my favorite meal of the entire year. A Christmas ham is nice and an Easter lamb (yeah, lamb…sorry I’m a traditionalist) is glorious but nothing and I mean NOTHING beats turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and dinner rolls. The restaurants that have some sort of Thanksgiving sandwich around this time of year are the real heroes.

So calm the fuck down with your Christmas spirit and give Thanksgiving the recognition it deserves. On Black Friday, feel free to go crazy with Christmas decorations and shopping in order to maximize the number of days you get until the yuletide but dammit you WILL give Thanksgiving it’s day!

Gobble Gobble, bitches.