This season has flown by and it shocks me to say that we are going into SEC cupcake week already. What’s my favorite cupcake you ask? Red Velvet, and it ain’t even close.

The haters, of which there are many, will say that this is the dumbest waste of a week in the SEC, and that it is stupid that they play all these cupcakes. Truthfully, I’m not a fan and wish that we didn’t have a week where we all mail it in, BUT is it really just the SEC that does this? The answer is no.

The SEC plays three FCS teams this week total. The ACC played SEVEN in week two, yet the ACC gets no hate because they do this early in the season? Give. Me. A. Break. You know what the SEC did early this season? Scheduled the likes of Washington, Miami, Louisville, West Virginia, Texas Tech, etc. YEAH THAT’S A PRETTY GOOD SLATE BUD. So get out of here with any anti-SEC bias please and thank you.

Now that I’m off my high horse let’s take a look back at what we learned last week

  • Alabama is still great, but Tua has a weakness,
  • Minshew is carrying a ray of hope for the PAC-12
  • LSU LOVES killing gamblers (especially me),
  • There is NOTHING like riding an Oklahoma-Oklahoma State over, and
  • Kentucky fans have lost all hope in humanity.

Now with that let’s look at some of today’s lines:


12 Syracuse vs 3 Notre Dame at 2:30 on NBC:

LINE: ND -10.5

Pinstripe pride will take on Yankee Stadium with a jersey combination that has to make the Irish in Boston sick.

Ian and company will win this game outright and you can Book it. However, I think ND loves to almost kill every one of their fans, every single week (shoutout to @Tayls) and Syracuse is a team that gives a lot of big teams trouble aka Clemson, every year. Because of this I think ND wins by a single score. Hammer the Orange.



Iowa State at Texas at 8:00 on Longhorn Network:

LINE: Texas -2.5

Cyclones are rolling into Austin like it’s Oklahoma during actual tornado season, but this group of steers will look to remain “Texas Tough” and carry on as usual.

After riding the Texas Tech/Texas over last week and having my guts almost ripped out for the whole game, I feel like Texas and I have been through some shit together. Because of this simple fact, I’m rolling with the Horns yet again. Hook em baby, get Tom Herman a big resume booster and hammer that line.

FINAL BET: Texas -2.5


24 Cincinnati at 11 UCF at 8:00 on ESPN:


UCF IS PLAYING A RANKED TEAM. I REPEAT UCF IS PLAYING A RANKED TEAM, and they will win big. But guess what? It still won’t matter. This team will still be left out of the playoff regardless if they win by 40, because their SOS and Opponent’s SOR is so abysmal that they will never recover, and they will end up playing a team like LSU in a post-NYE bowl where hopefully (hopefully) the other team decides to show Auburn what it means to show up for a bowl game, and dominates them.

Regardless hammer that line for UCF because Cincy will not be able to compete.



And there you have it folks, only three this week because there are not many good games around the country. I’m sorry about it but it’s the truth. That said, as always, best of luck to you and your wallets and Go Dawgs!