There aren’t words eloquent enough to describe the masterpiece that is/was this event… but I’ll try.

Sunday midway through the Giants 2nd straight win of what will eventually be a nine game win streak as we head into the playoffs red hot, Ketch ran his Movember fundraiser – a “Hot-Dog-A-Thon” where people pledged a dollar amount per hot dog eaten… and let’s just say it was great.


(NOTE: The reason I posted this here is because some people had trouble viewing the event yesterday as Ketch’s Facebook is private and I think the world needs to see this.)

(ANOTHER NOTE: Ketch said because he posted on his own page by accident and not the WCS page, his aunt joined in halfway through and so that must have been hilarious for everyone involved.)

I gotta hand it to him, nine (or ten, depending who you ask) dogs in 10 minutes is pretty great. Even better though is that he doubled his previous donation total and has unlocked the next TWO milestone events on his board – the burrito mile and the creampie pushups! Lucky for us, that means some quality videos are on their way and I for one can’t wait.