nfc east standings.PNG

Ugly? Yes.

Do I care? Absolutely not.

I know at 1-7 I thought this team was dead BUT, then Odell came out and publicly put himself out there and said we can totally run the table and hit the playoffs red hot at 9-7.

That sounded crazy at the time, but I believed it. Just two short weeks later, we are two* games out of the playoffs at 3-7 and ignoring WHO we beat, we’re on a win streak. Okay, fine it’s just two games, but that’s still technically a “streak“!!

Now, why do I keep saying we’re behind two games (with an asterisk) despite the Redskins being up 3 games on us? Well, because when Alex Smith’s leg snapped in half, so did their playoff chances. We can safely ignore Washington’s record as we usually do every year at this point anyway.

Listen, I love Colt McCoy as much as the next guy** but I don’t see him taking this team to the playoffs.

So how do we do it? Who do we have to beat to make the playoffs a reality? Let’s take a look…

nyg remaining schedule giants.png

The Eagles STINK, the Bears will probably beat us, the Redskins (as I’ve said) are now screwed, the Titans stink, the Colts stink and the Cowboys will be the first of our do-or-die playoff games: “Win and in, lose and go home.” At that point, we could be 8-8 and in the playoffs as (hilariously) a pretty damn hot team HOSTING a Wild Card game!

I am ALL IN on these New York football Giants… NEVER SAY NEVER (Biebs reference… don’t @ me)!!



But in Case You Wanna @ Me,



** = Colt McCoy, Colt Brennan and Graham Harrell were the best trio of QB’s to take in a Madden Fantasy draft back in like 2010 and you didn’t draft a QB until the last rounds (because QB’s are interchangeable parts #Moneyball #BillJames). You could just go out and snag three ELITE quarterbacks in the last round and BOOM – your franchise was golden.