Thanksgiving week is here and your boy is thankful for rivalry week, and wqe have a FEAST of games to get really fired up for today. But first, I’d like to say that I hope each and every one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families, and that you ate enough turkey to put yourselves in a coma that ended just quick enough to catch some of these games. Now that we’ve sorted that part of the blog out, let’s take a look at what we learned last week:

  • Alabama sucks (…not really it was just for a half),
  • The Irish laugh in the face of Orange danger,
  • Oklahoma literally has zero defense, but Kansas does too,
  • Boston College is still Boston College, and
  • The Terps will habitually let you down, even when they look to be cruising against a B1G opponent.

It was quite an eventful week, even for one that was supposed to be very uneventful. That said, it is now Rivalry Week. This is something that everyone looks forward to every single year, because it decides bragging rights for the next 365 days. With all these passion filled match-ups, anything can happen, but let’s look at some lines you can be confident in.


4 Michigan at 10 Ohio State at 12:00 on FOX


We all thought that the waves of blue vs the waves of red would end on November 6th, but no shot that ends in a battleground state like Ohio! The Wolverines come into the Horseshoe looking to do something they haven’t done in 18 years, win on the road against Ohio State. Funny enough, they haven’t won a game against Ohio State in 7 years. I don’t see that trend stopping today. Ohio State will keep it close enough to strike at the end, and deliver a dagger to Michigan. Sorry Harbaugh, looks like you’re going to have to go back to the drawing board yet again. Go with the Buckeyes.




Georgia Tech at 5 Georgia at 12:00 on SECN

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.22.57 AM.png

LINE: UGA -15.5

A swarm of Atlantans will come out to Sanford Stadium, but just like Stacey Abrams, they’ll release this is very red territory. Georgians everywhere know that Clean Ole Fashioned Hate decides who will run the state for the next year, but they also all know UGA should have no problem in their attempts to wreck Tech. Seriously, F&%# Tech. They come into Sanford Stadium and try to run this fake football offense which requires them to lateral on every damn play. It’s nauseating. I can’t stand it, and neither can the Dawgs. Look for them to unleash some punishment on these bees and to win huge. Hammer that line, and Keep Chopping Dawgs!




Auburn at 1 Alabama at 3:30 on CBS

LINE: Bama -24.5      O/U 53

Tigers, Eagles, and every other mascot Auburn can think of, oh my! A whole mess of Alabamans will swarm the Finebaum phone lines this week to speak the most broken English that any of y’all have ever heard. It will be far more entertaining than this game, even though the Iron Bowl is the best rivalry in College Football (don’t @ me). Alabama should pull no punches in this one, as Saban HATES Auburn and HATES Malzahn. However, I think 25 points is A LOT, especially because Saban likes to slow things down when he has a huge lead. Because of this, I’m all about that under. We know Auburn won’t score much. You add in that Saban will just want to keep everyone happy for the SEC Championship, and you have a recipe for the under.




21 Utah State at 23 Boise State at 10:15 on ESPN

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 11.26.28 AM.png


The Mormons enter even more conservative territory and look to take care of business on the smurf turf. Luckily for them, soaking cannot give you blue balls, so even when surrounded by the color they should be fine. That said, it’s a real shame we have two ranked mid-majors going against each other, and they’re not undefeated, because I’d love to see a shakeup with two smaller school teams that deserve a shot at the Playoff. Then again, you can always just claim a national championship, regardless if you deserve it or not (looking at you UCF). That all said, I have to go with the Broncos here, they are always in these spots and always find a way to perform. No reason to doubt them now!



And there you have it! There’s no better way to continue your lazy Thanksgiving week then by laying around and watching these games, so hopefully you’re able to enjoy. As always, best of luck to your teams and your wallets!