30 days and 3,176 dollars* later… we made it. Our upper lips may now be FREEZING now, but we made it!!

Shoutout to literally everyone, everywhere on our Movember team – from the Pacific northwest to New York City, from Charlottesville to Boston and EVERYWHERE in between – for their fundraising efforts all month long. You know what? Let’s give all our studs the recognition they deserve!

2018 let's make mustaches great again team class photo haters will say its photoshop.PNG
(From left to right) TOP ROW: Frank, Mitch, Producer Tim, DJ RD and some random class clown. MIDDLE ROW: GDanky, Ketch, Constantino, and Junior. BOTTOM ROW: @CPAJack, Curve, Tayls, STC YOLO and Michael Phelps. (Not pictured because he skipped school photo day: Hos)

This group of pedophiles┬áCancer Crusaders almost equaled our team’s Movember output from 2017, and last year we had an $884 head start when the Water Cooler Sports Open gave us a boost that no one saw coming!! Even without the outing this year, we STILL got up over that $3k figure! And I for one gotta say “HELL YEA BABYY!!!!

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From the “Ask Me About My Mustache” pins, to the “Let’s Make Mustaches Great Again” sweatshirts, to the Smirnoff Ice’s and the Twisted Teas, to wine reviews, to power hours, to hot dog eating contests, to shotgunning beers/four lokos/taking shots of hot sauce on SnapChat, to shaving smiley faces in your chest hair (see at the bottom of this post as it is NSFW… kinda), to auctioning off the right to shave your mustaches on December 1st, this team has found soooo many hilarious, creative ways to raise money ON TOP OF getting friends/family/co-workers involved.

These guys ALL really are Movember legends when you stop and think about it.

Going to war against cancer with these guys each year and looking like complete MANIACS in public for one month (literally, one month is enough for me dog)… I just gotta say thanks to all these guys for doing Movember with me, and thanks to everyone who came out and supported, either by lying to us and telling us our mustaches looked good, or by donating, or… literally anything. I love you guys and couldn’t have done it without all you – Water Cooler Sports Nation.



Cheers to Us Murdering Cancer,



* = more donations are trickling in I think, but I wanted to post this so… DEAL WITH IT!!


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