Realmuto to Queens, Syndergaard to the Bronx, Andujar to Miami.

That’s what we’ve heard all day.

Then the Yanks will have REASON to sign Machado, their offseason goal of getting an ace (no offense Paxton) is complete and all these hints from Cashman that we aren’t going after an outfielder turn out to be true (and in hindsight we’ll think, “it was in front of us the whole time!“!!

So what holds me up? What gives me pause?

It’s that last part. Cashman keeps telling us we aren’t in the market for an outfielder… YET!!

Okay, I added the “yet” – but hear me out!!

What if instead of trading Andujar for Syndergaard, we traded Stanton (does his no-trade clause still count if he waived it to get here? #letmeknow)? And instead of only trading Stanton, we got to dump Ellsbury’s contract? The Mets already have proven they’ll take shitty contracts (Cano) to get what they want (Diaz), so at least we know they’re open to that sort of thing.

Okay, so what do I suggest?

Mets get: Realmuto (2yrs arbitration), Stanton ($30M/9yrs), Ellsbury ($21M/3yrs)
Marlins get: Andujar, prospects galore from both NY teams, maybe a few Mets
Yankees get: Castro ($12M/1yr), Syndergaard (3yrs arbitration, maybe a Met or two.

Now, why would anyone do this?

The Mets spend. Finally. They get a legitimate home run king in Stanton. Stanton goes back to the NL where maybe he returns to MVP numbers. Brodie gets Realmuto who he’s targeted. He makes a splash in his first offseason. Mets fans go nuts. Ignore the downside of Ells contract.

Marlins dump contracts, get mad prospects and the Jeter era continues to infuriate the fanbase BUT at least their farm is looking tight and they have the 2018 ROY – yeah, I said it – fuck Ohtani.

The Yankees get the ace they’ve been looking for this offseason. He’s cheap and controllable (something Cash LOVES). Now, yes, they gave up a lot. But OMG look! Now we have holes to fill from the two star free agents out there on the market WHO WANT TO BE YANKEES to fill!! Castro gets playing time while Didi is out and all of a sudden the Yankees are filthy. Disgusting. Nasty.

Now, do I think the Mets will take on another $55M in cap room to get Stanton and Realmuto (burn @Ells)? No, not really… But MAYBE. For years the Mets watched Stanton light them up as a Marlin. Now, maybe – JUST MAYBE – they have a chance to land him.

Dare to dream people.

If this happens, I want a job @Cashman. Don’t read my blogs and then take my intellectual property as your own. Don’t be selfish.