It has been TEN FREAKING YEARS since George W justified his 99 Madden rating* of elusiveness…

Imagine if other presidents had the same elusiveness! Maybe Lincoln would’ve completed his plan to return ex-slaves home┬áhad he been able to elude that bullet! Maybe FDR could’ve ran for a FIFTH term if he could’ve eluded polio! Maybe if James Garfield could’ve alluded his bullet, then maybe… Actually, I have no idea what Garfield would’ve done if he wasn’t assassinated.

The point of this all is, George W Bush is elite as shit. AND if you haven’t read his book Decision Points, you should. OR, if you know anyone who loves America, you should buy if for them for Christmas!

I’m telling you FROM EXPERIENCE, it’s absolutely en fuego (subtle brag that I *almost* finished reading a book.).

All Day, All Dubya,

* = Every time** I make George W in Madden, I give him a 99 Madden rating in elusiveness… If I’m being honest, I give him a 99 rating in everything because he’s the fucking GOAT.
** = I’ve literally never made George W in Madden.