I was texting my friends during the game and my one buddy put it best as they were setting up for the potential game winning field goal:

Parkey“Someone who the moment is too big for” hits it right on the head.  It was just a few minutes after that that this happened:

Ohhh mannnnn that is just tough.  Just awful.  I mean as someone who had no dog in this fight (I was pulling for the Bears, but didn’t really care) I just felt bad for Parkey.  However it seems like the vast majority of people either laughed at him or wanted him dead, while some were relatively supportive.


This was not one of the supportive ones.

Hey that’s nice of Chad Slade.

On the bright side, at least Cody Parkey got this guy tweeting again.

Well this just seems mean.


Okay sorry, this just seems mean.

Thanks Jake for putting things in perspective.

Hey I can’t knock a guy that keeps the faith.

Hey if he could hit the upright blindfolded, that’s pretty goddamn impressive.

You’re right Manny, that would have been cool.

Oh nice people dug up a tweet when Cody Parkey said he was going to wear cleats in honor of his friend who passed away.

jay z

But I think this one takes the cake.  Sums up everything perfectly.

And then in a cruel, rub-salt-in-the-wound move by NBC, they played a fucking highlight reel of this guy doinking five kicks this season.

I seriously just kept doing the Jay-Z face for like 30 minutes straight.  When I explained why I was making this face


to my girlfriend (nbd) and what had just happened, she said “Well don’t they have another kicker?”  To top off an already stellar night for Parkey, he was booed by Bears’ fans as he ran off the field.

But at least he has dogs.  Dogs love all.

PS – Hey internet troll idiots, tonight would be the night that you go dig up some deep, dark tweets that Parkey sent like 10 years ago tweeting rap lyrics.  Not when someone is having the best night of their life.